Spring Inspired Cute Food Breakfast

Who knew that pasta could be shaped into flowers? Since Cherry Blossoms were at its peak, which means Spring is being welcomed here in Japan, I made a Spring inspired breakfast for my little kawaii Patootee.

Spring Inspired Cute Food for Kids

Nori Sea weed
Purin / Pudding
Vegetable mixed Tofu
Cheese Roll

This is how I shaped the pasta to look like a flower....

Spring Inspired Cute Food for Kids

I cut the Nori Seaweed for stems and leaves.
With a little bit of creativity, you can transform leftover foods into adorable and cute foods that seems to look appetizing for kids.

My Little Patootee, Azumi

Azumi Kawaii Princess

Enjoy your weekend Dearies..


  1. How pretty they are! Almost a shame to eat them :)

  2. My gosh so lovely naman neto bams... those bento decors.. .. wala kasi gaano dito sa pins pabenta.. you need to buy it online...pattotee.. you're big na..

  3. Parang hindi choosy si Anzu ano Bams.. Galing mo na magrepare ng foods.

  4. Cute!!!!! Everything is cute! from the spaghetti to your daughter... Hihihi! Love it!

  5. I could not help but marvel at your creativity with presenting your darling child with appetizing and artistic food. If you happen to serve such kind of food to me, I would probably not eat it but bring it home to appreciate its artistry. Parang nakakahinayang kainin sa ganda nang presentation. Thanks for the artistic post. God bless you all always.

  6. Oh my, your daughter is such a lucky girl! I wanted to wake up every morning to that!! Thanks for posting :)

    Please check my FTF entry for this week: Sinampalukang Kambing
    Much ♥,
    Sassy Chef Recipes and Reviews

  7. i can't believe how well you do your culinary skill, seeing your food photos in your FB totally amaze me. and look now at your spring inspired meal design, So wow!

  8. she looks cute! love how you made her food, looks tasty to me and those little pink spoon and fork makes me wanna buy some too!

    my entry for PF is up, please check it out here too Bratz jewelry box

  9. look very yummy and decorative breakfast...the baby is so cute too...

    heres mine...http://www.jenbestfriend.com/?p=232

  10. Kawaii pasta flower!!! I'm sure Azumi enjoyed the food very much! =^_^=

  11. love love love! i really enjoy your kawaii dishes and how you edit your photos!

  12. very creative! parang gusto ko na lng tingnan yung food at wag na kainin :)

  13. What a great job. It looks so good. I bet she really enjoyed it.

  14. pahingi ng kinakain ni Anzu...hehe..joke..

  15. Anzu's Mum5/02/2011 09:20:00 AM

    Thank you Sir Mel :) naku nakaka-challenge naman but actually, hindi pa creative to compare to some Japanese moms who usually prepare cute baon for their kids. Thank you ;) hihi

  16. Sana isang Japanese Mom din ako para ma boost ko ang creative presentation in foodie stuff. You have the knack talaga mam bambz. Ang sarap nyan kainin. Sus!

  17. Anzu's Mum5/05/2011 04:47:00 AM

    Naku mommy Mel you dont have to be a japanese para ma-boost ang creativeness mo.. ako kasi walang ginagawa sa morning kaya kung ano ano nagagawa ko. Maraming available ideas online, you might want to search para kay lil George when the time comes na gusto mo gumawa ng cute foods. Thank you my dear


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