Hello Kitty Mini Carry On Luggage

Here is another cuteness thrill from Sanrio Store. Azumi personally picked this one and I obliged to buy it since she always does good in school.

Hello Kitty Mini Carry On Luggage (with 3 snack goodies inside)
¥2,100 ( almost $21 )
23 × 36 × 13 cm

Almost every week, we stop by the Sanrio Store because it is also located at the same floor where Azumi takes her weekly pre-school class. I usually buy her a drink, like Hello Kitty apple or grape juice or Green tea. Well, the store doesn't only sells cute stuffs but also snacks and goodies too.

It has already became a routine for us that we go there before we leave the floor (coz it's just beside the elevator lol). The staff already knows us and they're kind enough to let Azumi play their sample toys.

I always think this store is strategically located since there is no way any little girl wouldn't want to stop and look out through the store that is packed with Hello Kitty and cute stuffs before heading off to the floor's elevator and/or escalator

I guess the place is more for the mom who wants to let her daughter pick out something Hello Kitty as a reward or just simply make their little girl smile.


[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="467" caption="She carries it wherever lol"][/caption]


Do you think it's a great idea to reward your kid for being good? OR never reward a child for something that is naturally expected of them?


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  1. I love to reward my children everytime they are good but not always with material things but more of praise, hugs and kisses. This way, they know that what they did is good and they will continue doing it until it becomes their habit.

    Your daughter is sooo cute.

    Have a nice day.

  2. Love the bag..so perfect for Azumi..

    For me, i buy things/toys for Hyzyd not telling him that it's a reward for a job well done..it's just because I love him and appreciate the way he's learning:)

  3. ang cute..type ko ang Hello Kitty products kasi ang cu-cute ng design and very girly ang color.

    yeah, it's good to give them a prize when they're doing good, but you have to be careful also kasi baka later on eh, mas malaki na ang hihingiin nila at di na natin kayang ibigay or hindi advisable yong hinihingi nila.

  4. magaling pumili ng maganda si Anzu..

  5. Ykaie has one and it's red. We bought it at Gift Gate

  6. Hello there, Bambie ♥ Thanks for dropping by my blog. I have read your comment just now, just got back home from my night driving lessons. Hehe. Congrats to your sister on her new Celerio. I am happy for her, we both got a cute car!

  7. Oh, by the way, you're daughter is soooo cute! The Hello Kitty bag looks good with her!

  8. The bag is so cute, it is perfect for kindergarten. Does she already in school?

  9. I love Sanrio stuff since I was little. Now I buy them for my little girl. That's a very cute bag, perfect for little girls.

    The Twerp and I

  10. Hi! you have a cute little princess!
    It helps to reward our kids if they do good but not too much they might abuse it. Rewards are there to motivate them a little but we should tell them what is good in what they did.
    blog hopping here & joined your site!

  11. I always rewarded my children for being good and I taught my children to reward their children. I always reward my grandchildren as well. Sometimes a hug or praise and depending on the situation sometimes we will go shopping for a small treat.


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