Here is another cuteness thrill from Sanrio Store. Azumi personally picked this one and I obliged to buy it since she always does good in school.

Hello Kitty Mini Carry On Luggage (with 3 snack goodies inside)
¥2,100 ( almost $21 )
23 × 36 × 13 cm

Almost every week, we stop by the Sanrio Store because it is also located at the same floor where Azumi takes her weekly pre-school class. I usually buy her a drink, like Hello Kitty apple or grape juice or Green tea. Well, the store doesn't only sells cute stuffs but also snacks and goodies too.

It has already became a routine for us that we go there before we leave the floor (coz it's just beside the elevator lol). The staff already knows us and they're kind enough to let Azumi play their sample toys.

I always think this store is strategically located since there is no way any little girl wouldn't want to stop and look out through the store that is packed with Hello Kitty and cute stuffs before heading off to the floor's elevator and/or escalator

I guess the place is more for the mom who wants to let her daughter pick out something Hello Kitty as a reward or just simply make their little girl smile.


[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="467" caption="She carries it wherever lol"][/caption]


Do you think it's a great idea to reward your kid for being good? OR never reward a child for something that is naturally expected of them?


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Cuteness Overload Japan gets very hot in the summer. There is a lot of humidity so I think it's hotter than Philippines because there is barely a breeze to be felt.

One of the ways to tolerate the heat of Summer is eating cold dishes. I was delighted to see those freezer-pop things available in stores. They are so cute and come in many varieties and sizes, making it the perfect frozen treat for all ages.

Here are the cool Ice molds that I bought from Plaza

Ice case (¥300~)
Freeze Pop (¥525)

I remember when I was a kid,  we used to buy ice candies and eat them while we play. I love the coconut and melon flavor. Sometimes, our caretaker, Apo Lisa would help me  make our own ice candies in small plastic packs, usually in chocolate and orange flavors. I have  lots of  fun Ice candy memories when I was young.

SO Now,

it's my turn to make Ice Candy memories to our kawaii princess, starting this year.

Honey bought this, melon flavored Sherbic (not sherbet). It's so easy to make. Just put the powder in bowl, add 400ml water, or 300ml milk instead for creamier taste, shake and VIOLA! Fill in your cutie Ice mold / freeze pop mold. Freeze for approximately 3 hours

Sherbic available in groceries ¥100~ (forgot the exact price)

It may not be in a plastic packs but still the thrill of eating/licking a fruity sweety flavored ice cold candy on a sunny day is like being in an icy pop heaven.

Mmmmm YUMMY! おいしいい。。。。 It was my first time also.

There’s nothing like a fruity, icy treat to beat the heat even inside our temperature controlled home.


How do you beat the heat of summer in your place?


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That's why I love my Hubs, he gives me time to shop by myself. After the movie, he took Anzu to play paradise, Bornelund's Kid-o-Kids.


Children's entrance: ¥600(for 30 mins)

Adult entrance: ¥300 (for 30 mins)

¥100 per 10 minutes extention



I'd like to buy this but it's too expensive...



@ game center :)


Any man can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a Daddy!


Finally, Azumi had her first movie experience last wednesday. Her Dad was kinda worried at first because she might just run around or get bored in the middle. BUT I'm glad she did well and seems to be enjoying the whole time. It was funny the moment we sat down in our chairs, she was amazed to see how big the screen was. She even said "look mama, HUMONGOUS tv" --- wow! HUMONGOUS?! I don't even use that word.

Well, thanks Sesame Street Podcast where Anzu learns some of her vocabularies. It's a little bargain that is downloadable through Itunes for free. It features Murray and other Sesame Street Muppets with Celebrity guests as they introduce kids to new vocabulary word at the beginning of each episode, focuses on building children's language and vocabulary skills. I must say it works perfectly for Anzu (and for me while I do the chores in the morning)


Because we want her "first movie" experience to be successful, we chose to watch the movie she'll surely love, ANPANMAN at Mycal Warner Cinemas inside the Aeon Mall. It's a 90 minute movie and the main character is the most popular here in Japan

Normally, children age 0-3 years old are free but since it's supposed to be a children's movie, kids are charged ¥900 while ¥1,800 for adults -- kinda expensive huh.


It's funny that I don't even paint my nails and then I would catch Anzu doodling her nails with a red pen in the corner while I am busy with my chores at the kitchen.

It was the reason why there was a sudden unusual silence in our living room during her most Peak Hour. Good thing it was washable and non toxic.

Yeah it happened some few weeks ago.

The mouse is doing something while the cat is away lol