Happy 5 months Baby

It's a wonderful 5 months already of being with you....

Sweet Baby,

It's been 5 days since you turned 5 months old. I've been reflecting all these days how much you have developed. It' so fast. I remember before you were born, I actually ready myself for stressful days, and sleepless nights, as like what every Mommies have been experiencing. I have been advised and I read all those terrifying experiences.

Surprisingly, it was never been difficult for us (especially me) to take care of you. You've been sleeping all day long during your first month. You only wake up for feedings and sometimes stayed awake for almost an hour. I love seeing you falling alseep, those eyes looking upwards trying to stay awake maybe because you were aware that me and your papa has been watching you, as what I assumed.

I feel like in heaven everytime I feed you with my breastmilk. Makes me feel my worth as a mother. You melt my heart when you stare at me. It's our main bonding time whenever I feed you, while burping time was your bonding time with your Dad.

At 2 months, you had your first real smile. I was lucky to be the one who first witnessed it. Your dad was at work. You absorbed my tiredness from cleaning our house with your gummy grinny smile. We had your first blessing in the temple when you turned 31 days. Thanks to your granny for your gown and your Kazari doll. You're one of the lucky babies who can enjoy two different rich cultures. Can't wait to celebrate your first Christmas and New Year to my home country, your second home, and meet your other relatives who have been excited to see you, especially your Lolo.

At 3 months, we celebrated your 100 days in Japanese style. You learned to suck your fingers and seems enjoying it. You had your first laugh, and since then, you always giggles every time, whenever we play, whenever we change your pampers... you always give us your big smile everytime we meet our eyes. You've become jollier. You just know how to make us happy.

At 4 months, you've been more helpful to do my chores by behaving and playing with yourself in the crib, or in your stroller, or in your new playpen. It has been more enjoyable time for us. You know more how to interact with your surroundings. You learned to babble. You get excited when you see your milk. Oh yeah, it's so sad that you seem show more interest to your bottled milk than your mommy's milk? huhu =(....

You can now grasp something in your both hands. You endure longer tummy time, you enjoy it so much. Baby, we already finished your 12GB memory card =) You're such a good model, you know how to smile and giggles in front of the camera.... I was such a camera whore then, but now I enjoy more being the photographer. =)

It's just so fast, you are 5 months old already. Just a week ago, you started your first ever meal by eating apple for the meantime. Your Dad enjoys so much feeding you every morning. He's the one prepares your meal. He doesn't want you to eat instant baby foods (yet, not this time)... We're so lucky to have your Dad babe, he's such a loving father. But we are luckier to have you, you take our life in the right direction where it is supposed to be.


with much love,


  1. awww,that was so sweet of you!!I know Anzu will love you more and more!!She's so lucky to have a Mommy like you!^_^

  2. awww とてもかわいいね! i hope i wrote that correctly. lol. ur baby is so cute!!! belated happy 5months old to your baby! :)

  3. wow talaga happy family mommy and daddy proud to their lil princess


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