My Baby's 5th month Milestones (updated)

Just a week before she turned 5 months, I noticed some new developments like:

I see her moving sideward on her own, without support
She enjoys also playing alone in her crib, or stroller, or in her playpen

She loves making noises like shouting especially in the morning and few hours before her sleeping time.

SHes able to recognized her own name or nicknames.. she turns her head when you're calling her

She loves raising her feet while she's reaching those hanging toys in her playpen

She also kicks hard

Today, she is almost 5 months and 2 weeks. She's pretty getting jollier and noisier everyday .
She's more communicative and responsive (even with just "ahhhhhhhhs"--- "buuuhhs---". I know when she wants milk, sleep, and play. SHe gets excited when she sees me her bottled milk. Her voice is as soft as like a cat when she's sleepy. She's so happy when you play with her, as in mababaw ang kaligayahan. SHe laughs at anything

She turns quickly her head on where the sounds coming from. Me and hubby plays with her each on her both sides, calling her nicknames, suprisingly she loves it lol

She kicks hard.

She plays with her toes and delighfully reaching out and grabbing them to put in her mouth.

Spontaneously smile... And babbling

Here's another clips of Anzu's new hobby that I would like to share... Enjoy watching (warning: lower your speaker's volume please baka masakit sa tenga lol)

Just a few days ago, she learned to roll over but in one direction yet. Of course, we captured that and ill post it some time

UNTIL NEXT ***kiss***


  1. ang cute naman. na miss ko tuloy yung babyhood days ni chloe. savor the moments talaga mommy.

    by the way, ang pretty at sexy mo sa pics when you were pregnant ha. your daughter is half pinay, half japanese, am i right? anzu is such a cutie!

  2. this blog is great sis, you're cute azumi will definitely love this kapag lumaki na sya. Ahh, she's really cute, ang puti pa nya. 5 months pa lang sya yet prang anlaki na nya.

  3. aawww!!what a cutie!!nakakatuwa talaga ang angel mo,Mommy Bambie!!

  4. anzu is a cutie! she is getting bigger and prettier each month, and you looked fabulous even when prgnant (unlike me sigh). anzu got the good genes from yu i guess :)


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