Happy Bath Time

My favorite routine of the day ( I guess my baby too ) is BABY BATH TIME .
Perhaps this is the main part where me and H can bond with our baby since I can not do it all by myself. We are so new to this, it's a bit scary at first but we are getting used to it.

Hubby prepares the bathroom. It's still winter that's we have to keep it warm first. I prepare Azumi's clothes and making sure our room's temperture is high.

During bath time, H is the one holding her when its time to rinse, and I am charge with soaping, washing, and changing clothes upstairs .

She loves stretching her legs and splashing water in her little bath tub.

This was her first bath in a hot tub with her dear Dad. It was a freezing New Year's day so we decided to have her first hot bath before going to bed. She was serious at first, then kept on splashing after... KAWAIIYO...

I can't wait for the three of us to have ofuro together with those bath toys and yellow duckies.


  1. same here!!we're both doing the baths of Wakaba and Haruka when they're still a baby.kind of a freaky when you imagined a baby dropped in a bath tub!Nahulog na si Wakaba nung i-hot tub cya nung lolo nya eh!lol!
    Ang cute naman ni Anzu!\(^0^)/I give Anzu's Dad a salute for giving her a great bonding at bath time!!Good job,Mom and Dad!!

  2. she's so cute... and they really love splasshing ha.. my daughter too...please visit my entries at sweet..pretty..naughty and sweetytots

  3. nice post! bath time can really be a great bonding time!

  4. Owwwww... she is so ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!! Ang sarap pisilin ang pisngi!!!!!! You have a lovely daughter.... and I love her Hello Kitty Tub!!!!!!! have a wonderful weekend....
    Here is mine http://whenmomtalks.com/2009/03/bath-time.html

  5. ahahhaha thats so cute!!! sam tyu takot magpaligo mag isa =) here's mine - http://jeslising.blogspot.com/2009/03/mommy-moments-9-bath-time.html

  6. ahahha first bday bath kasi nung 1st birthday nya yan
    ahahahhah ang gulo ko lng tlga cguro mag caption ahahhah so yun ung pics na nalilgo sila nung bnyag nya and 1st bday ahahahh!

  7. I love your preggy pics!

    Ang cute ng tub nya hello kitty! Parang she just love to soak in the water ha :) Thanks for sharing!



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