Today we are celebrating another tradition of Japan for girls. The Japanese Doll festival, also called the OHINAMATSURI is anually celebrated every 3rd day of March. It is mostly celebrated at home with your daughter, and her OHINASAMA (japanese dolls) displayed inside the house.

Azumi's Ohinasama dolls are displayed in our living room where everybody could see it.
It is believed that these dolls absorb all the evil spririts and misfortunes coming their way for the coming year. This means our daughter will have a good life and happiness all throughout the year 

It is also believed that OHINASAMA dolls should be kept after the festival day or else the daughter will become an old maid =) or if not,it would take a long time for her to get married. That's uncool =(.

I would like to thank my mother in law for  bought giving these dolls for our little girl. Traditionally speaking, my mother should be the one giving this to Azumi but since she is not a japanese,  my MIL bought it as present. Ohinasama dolls are quite expensive, from ¥20,000 ~.

I love Japan's rich culture. I'm learning alot. I'm glad for my daughter because she can enjoy two diferent cultures.

I also would like to thank my Mom's Mom in Law, Okasan as well we all call her, for making efforts of making a chirashi-sushi for Azumi. This is one of the foods that should be prepared in celebrating this festival.

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  1. hahahaa!!I guess it's their belief here in Japan-my MIL's Hina Dolls display is longer,too but her daughters' wed is just right at age and neither an old maid.Sabi-sabi lang siguro nila yun.

    Ang mahal talaga ng Hina Dolls ano?!Pero kung talagang maaalagan ng mabuti, generation by generation magagamit siguro.But I doubt it,alam mo naman ang mga hapon, gusto palaging may bago!

  2. ay ang cute nmnng tradition dyan ahahha =) ang mahal nmn ng doll heheheh =) and malaki na nag baby mo ha =0 hehehe nweis tnx for visitng my site....hay naku buti nlng kamo d ko pinatulan na excite p nmn ako!!! ahahaha

  3. The dolls are really ex cos my bro ever bought one back from his Japan biz trip many many years ago. You are so lucky to have your MIL to get it for you. Thanks for sharing the japanese culture you learnt from your hubby's family with us too :):)

  4. aww, ang cute cute naman ng tradition na yan. yung kaklase ni nathan na japanese nag bigay ng mga mochi candies kanina para sa mga girl classmates nya, so sweet hehee. gaganda ng mga dolls, sis ang mamahal nga ng mga yan, kasamahan ko dito yung bahay nya sa may kusina daming mga ganyan, ang gaganda! yeah, you're lucky to have a lil japanese baby and basta palakihin mo lang sya to appreciate our filipino tradition ren. :) she will thank you for that..

  5. OMG ang mahal naman pla nito - nakakaloka :D but it's nice that your MIL bought it for Azumi.

    Earth Momma
    Happy Home


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