Azumi's first Photo Book

Finally, Im finished with my first ever Photobook using Shutterfly . I've been creating my dolly's baby book for like forever . SHe's already 8 months but still haven't finished printing all her photos from 0 . Only now was I determined to finished her 6TH MONTH Album so I can send a resized copy of it to my lil sister on her birthday on July. Hopefully, I could also have time to finish her 7th Month Album until this week .

Uploading lots of files went well without a hitch . It's also pretty easy to navigate. And I read alot of great reviews about its quality. Its optional Storyboard tool helped me save time because of its feature to choose an appropriate layout throughout the book based on the photos that you upload.

Just like the others who are getting hooked with PHOTOBOOKS, I'm thrilled with the result and can't wait to see the final product . Photo books discount offers usually have limited time, depends on the season. Right now, I saved 20% from its original value which is not bad after all, well for me.. I also grabbed free prints by creating a Share site hosted by their site .. check it HERE ( more like a multipy account.)

Click here to view this photo book larger

You can also try your first photobook with Artscow. It's cheaper and they have lots of product offers.. I actually still have pending projects from it and I would definitely finish them in time


  1. Oh my!!Ang ganda-ganda ng pagkaka-gawa mo,Bambie!!Thumbs up ako sa pagiging masipag sa pagkakagawa mo on Anzu's PB!I love pages 16-17 and 56-57 the most!!I'll check up on the links when I have the time.Thanks!^_^

  2. So nice...btw, I viewed your flickr, love the photos :D

  3. super cute naman talaga ng anak mo mommy ganda..ang galing mong gumawa ng mga slide ha...napaka creative mo naman...pati nga pala mommy maganda rin, hahahaha..sensya na nadala lang ako sa mga pix mo..

  4. Its a lot of effort to compile those photos I can understand. I used to be very excited to do all those things but no way I could catch up after having another son. I've got tonnes of photo in my lappie & no time to develop or sort them. LOL :)

  5. hi mommy ganda, i love the slide! ang gaganda nyo! :) I love the color combination, bam! ang tiyaga mo...Anzu will cherish and thank you for this someday! :)


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