My bebe at 7 months =)

Few days from now, my baby is turning 8 months old. How fastnasubichanemoticon... She keeps on surprising and entertaining us with her new milestoneskazidoraemoticon. She has already learned to play with her hands by the famous "close open", clapping and raising them with the lil train of her pretty Tita Nix . Im suprised how my lil sister did it for a short time mimiogirlemoticon.

SHe can now sit, usually leans forward on both hands.
kerokeroppiemoticonWhen holding her on standing position, she can support her weight a little, bounces up and down.
creambunny_fork.gif image by bams704When eating naman, she grabs her spoon and tries to feed herself .
KikiShe makes sounds and seems can carry a tune kasi whenever I sing to her, sinasabayan nya ako. She'll pull your hair when she can grab it.
Kiki SHe'll gently touch your face or sometimes pinch your cheeks. SHe enjoys exploring and trying things over and over.
She gets upset when she can't do something by crying and sometimes she seems to be faking it just to get our attention

Nakakatuwa talaga and somehow nakaka-sad din knowing that our baby is growing up fast and before we know it, uma-attend na sya ng school huhuh. I'll miss our baby being just a baby... Although of course, we are so happy and excited to witness her discoveries

Grabe, our baby has already began to push her limits in everything she does. She satisfies her own curiosities. No matter how busy she is on doing her own thing, she looks up when you call her. SHe knows her name and nicknames.. Azumi, Anzu, baby, Lil Hidechika, Pekpek Chan, and lately I call her Kiki ( i got that name from the current series im watching, The OC )..

Enjoy =)


  1. hi..thanks for the greeting...I also add this link to my baby's site..

    Galing ng baby mo..can hold her bottle bay will hold other things but not his bottle..bakit kaya?..he..he..nice to see ur baby's development here...I learned a lot ...

    thanks for the greetings!

    Here's the update:Birthday Celebration/

    Hyzyd's Diary/
    Her and History

  2. with babies, every day is an adventure, isnt it? time passes by too fast!

  3. wow sis ur baby grow fast - kakagigil naman siya. gusto ko kurut kurutin yung pisngi nia. nakakapanggigil, natuwa ako sa video nia. namiss ko tuloy yung baby ko nuon ganyan pa siya. hay sarap sarap nilang paglaruin.

  4. hahaahaa!!masyadong nakakatuwa naman tong si Anzu!!lalo na yung gumapang cya para kunin yung baby snack nya!\(^0^)/ talagang gusto ko ng magka-baby!

  5. grabeh!! kelan lang yung post mo about her turning 6 months, ngayon malapit na sya mag 8, bilis lumaki ng princess mo. :)
    thanks for your nice comment, and yes, naabutan si Patrick ng enrollment sa 'pinas during our last vacation, pero hindi nya natapos ang buong school year bec we have to go na.Have a great day!!

  6. cute ng baby mo... thanks for the visit. Have a nice day..

    my link:

  7. Hi, having a baby is better than watching TV.
    You sure have a real cute baby there. Have fun a keep well, Lee.

  8. sa lahat ata ng masarap sa isang magulang ay makita ang anak nya na lumalaki at alam mong araw araw ay nag gogrow sya as a baby..ang bilis ng panahon ano parang kelan lang ...


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