Mommy Moments: OUTDOOR FUN

Spending time with your loveones is a great way to keep a healthy relationship with them. There are many outdoor fun activities that can be done throughout the year... even in an ordinary day. Each season has tons of fun waiting to happen.. Spring time is my favorite season .. FOr all the cliche reasons, i love the fine weather. It's AWAKENING.. Everything comes to life, seems all is in balance .. SARAP MAMASYAL, even just have a walk to the parks.

Since MArch, It has been a routine for me and my dolly to have a walk with her stroller whenever the weather is fine. We walk and stop by to a park to watch other kids playing.

backward-2.gif image by bams704 My sweety dolly with her Tita Nix at the park near our house ...

Anzu's first ever Nature Trip in the mountain.. forward-2.gif image by bams704

backward-2.gif image by bams704 At the lake, where me and hubby used to have picnic date when we were still BF-GF

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  1. sobrang cutie ng baby mo mommy.. :)

    and sure we can exchange link! :]

  2. Going outdoors really fosters a healthy relationship with your loved ones bams. Because here, you get to see another aspect of them. Para kasing being outdoors lets the child in you come out. I love spring time too! It promises lots of wodnerful things. Your Anzu is getting bigger na! Ambilis ano? And I agree, our babies look similar esp when they grin BIG!

  3. A blessed Sunday, Momma Bams! your daughter is very pretty! and the name is quiet unique. I like it.

    I, too love love the spring. See you next MMs!

  4. outdoors are great bonding times! thanks for taking the time to join us!

  5. pinaka masarap na ata sa isang tao ang magkaroon ng pamilya at pagkatapos ay buuin ito ng tama at isaayos...sarap mag bonding ano?

  6. how cute you are as mother and daughter..keep it up...

  7. Great family photo. Its good to bring your baby outdoors to breathe fresher air :)

  8. Going to the park is one of the healthiest way to bond and to spend time. Its good that at a very young age your baby is already loving nature.

  9. Bams, kami man, lakad-lakad lang sa park, masayang-masaya na. :) Very special ang feeling to hold hands with our hubbies especially now when most of the time, such hands are full with something else... :)


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