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The thing is... I miss my dad. I would miss him more especially on father's day and his birthday. Im missing him even more whenever I see my honey and lil dolly having a great time.

Our Dad took care of us when Mom has to leave for work in abroad, until they got legally separated when I was in the Primary School for some reasons that we whole heartedly understand and accepted at young age. We never took that separation against them because we already figured it out that some things are not meant to be no matter how hard you try.
We never felt different from other kids. We normally grew up without resentment because we were showered with the love and care of our parents on their own special and different way, supported by our relatives on my Dad's side. We have great Aunts who has become our second mothers. Cousins who have been always there for us.

But still, our relationship with our Dad is uncomparable. We've been together thru thick and thin, good times and bad times . Sometimes my hubby would jokingly tell me that he understands why I tend to forget that Im a lady and act like a boy sometimes... you know why

That's Our Dad entries HERE.


  1. siguro habulin ng chicks si daddy nung kabataan niya. mga artistahin kayong magsister e. my SIL even said you look like Valerie Concepcion daw.

    Anyway, your dad is so loving because he really took care of you though his partner in life is away. I admire men who love their kids so much.

    happy father's day to your hubby and dad!

  2. thanks so much for sharing your story with us bams! :D

    ill grab your badge too :D

  3. my mom is pass away na rin nung 6 years old ako kaya yung mga tita ko mga naging nanay nmin wow we the same situation happy fathers day to your dad and to your husband

  4. sweet nyo naman ng dad mo, your post makes me miss my dad more.Happy Father's Day to the Dads in your life.

  5. Hi there,

    m a newbie in the mommy moments and hope you can check me out: http://ddarlys26.blogspot.com/2009/06/mommy-moments-thats-my-dad.html

    Anyways, i always envy those who have a close relationship with their father, well because i never had that (long story!). You're so blessed to get that kind of bonding.

  6. Hi Bam, kaya pala magaganda kayo kasi super handsome ni Daddy... Happy father's day to your husband and Dad!

    I know how you feel, the good thing is that you can still talk to him, mine ala na..

  7. hi momma bams, happy fathers day kay dad mo at sempre kay hubby na rin..ang gaganda nyo nga pala..parang artista kayo ni sis mo...

  8. happy dad's day to your father

  9. i didn't know that ur parents separated at such a young age. thankfully, all went well for u and ur siblings. am happy that u weren't broken with the circumstance that u were in and that uve grown close to ur dad. this is such a sweet and nostalgic post bams. miss ko tuloy lalo ang papa ko. happy father's day to the men of ur life.

  10. Happy Father's Day to your great Papa! Thank you so much for the visit. Till next MM!

  11. Belated happy fathers day to your dad! Buti na lang naging maayos pa rin yung relationship niyo especially with your dad and looks like you're really close with him. Ang importante naman kasi talaga yung love eh kahit na hindi kayo lagi nagkakasama diba.

  12. Happy Father's Day to your Daddy and to your husband,Bambie!!You're so blessed to have a loving Dad kahit na separeted na sila ng Mama mo,close pa rin kayo isa't-isa. I 've never had a story about my father kasi parted ways na rin sila ni Mama at may kani-kanilang pamilya na sila kaya hindi kocya masyadong nakilala. Well,matagal na yun,both my real father and step-father died already(T_T).

  13. Oh I love your entry sis. I was so touched. I missed my Papa more. We cant be with him anymore. He would only exist in my heart and thoughts and those memories he left behind.

    Happy Father's day to your dad and your honey!!!

  14. I'm back!!^_^

  15. Love the entry Bams! I'm sure your husband loves you even more because of that boyish acts. :)

    Nag-Animoto ka na! Si Jose was expecting na I would make one for Father's Day. Haha! 'Di kinaya ng oras ko e. :) Hirap pumili pictures.


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