What's up Mummies? ...and dollies? Have you noticed our site's new look? (・ー・)ノ ウイウイ What can you say about it? Oh well, I was getting tired of my previous layout ()´д`()ゲッソリ・・・and it so happened the other day, I took a break from cleaning our house, I checked my e mails, and for some reasons, I got glued on my desk (again.. and discontinued my chore..). While browsing, I found this base theme and tweaked it off while my baby was asleep (-_-)゜zzz.

So take a look, Im really loving it ♪♪v(⌒o⌒)v♪♪イエーイ... It shows that I'm getting serious with my babyblog. I dont even pay much attention to update my own page. m(。−_−。)m スイマセーン I feel a lil bit bad coz Im not inspired to write something about my own personal rants. It's all about my baby =) Im really obsess lol. (# ̄ー ̄#)ニヤ

Anywhooo, Im excited to share with you that my lil pretty baby can roll over by herself (without support of course..) I was busy chatting with my sissy when Anzu did it. And this time, Honey was the one who first witnessed it (3/17/2009). SO the first clip of this video was her 2nd attempt. Enjoy watching =)

It's such a nice feeling when you see your baby's milestones... We enjoy her more everyday. You know, she changed our lifestyle. Its funny to hear people close to me, especially my girlfriends, saying how creepy it is to see how I changed a lot. Of course they are all happy for me. (●⌒∇⌒●) わーい

my babe's latest pic...

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Until next わ〜い♪\(*^▽^*)/\(*^▽^*)/\(*^▽^*)/わ〜い♪



Just a week before she turned 5 months, I noticed some new developments like:

I see her moving sideward on her own, without support
She enjoys also playing alone in her crib, or stroller, or in her playpen

She loves making noises like shouting especially in the morning and few hours before her sleeping time.

SHes able to recognized her own name or nicknames.. she turns her head when you're calling her

She loves raising her feet while she's reaching those hanging toys in her playpen

She also kicks hard

Today, she is almost 5 months and 2 weeks. She's pretty getting jollier and noisier everyday .
She's more communicative and responsive (even with just "ahhhhhhhhs"--- "buuuhhs---". I know when she wants milk, sleep, and play. SHe gets excited when she sees me her bottled milk. Her voice is as soft as like a cat when she's sleepy. She's so happy when you play with her, as in mababaw ang kaligayahan. SHe laughs at anything

She turns quickly her head on where the sounds coming from. Me and hubby plays with her each on her both sides, calling her nicknames, suprisingly she loves it lol

She kicks hard.

She plays with her toes and delighfully reaching out and grabbing them to put in her mouth.

Spontaneously smile... And babbling

Here's another clips of Anzu's new hobby that I would like to share... Enjoy watching (warning: lower your speaker's volume please baka masakit sa tenga lol)

Just a few days ago, she learned to roll over but in one direction yet. Of course, we captured that and ill post it some time

UNTIL NEXT ***kiss***


I actually thought that it would be better if we introduced our baby's first solid foods when she turned 6 months. But the way see her, we think that she's ready for it.

So days before our baby turned 5 months, we already started to introduced her to solid foods... not actually a solid yet but we had mashed apple for a start, well atleast for a week, and then next would be another kind of mashed fruit for morning and mashed vegetable for the evening. I guess, it would be depend if we think she's ready for another new food. FOr now, she's loving her apple meal. We tried giving her kewpie's fruit and yogurt, and okayu (rice cereal) but seems she wasn't ready yet.

As much as possible, we don't want her to give baby instant foods that are sold in the stores since we agreed to have time when it comes to our baby Anzu's food. I guess those are only good for busy parents =)Instant food products may be also rich in nutrients although we prefer natural and fresh home made foods (atelast for now hehe).

Honey does the preparations and feedings every morning. SO sweet.... that's what i love with my honey, he always participates when it comes to our Baby , he never fails...

some clips of Anzu's first feedings...

I've done research on feeding our babies in the first year. Let me share what I've got, and these are important

Water and juice
Babies who are exclusively breastfed don’t need extra water. When your baby begins to eat other foods, you can start to offer water occasionally.

Babies and children don’t need to drink juice. Too much juice, especially apple juice, can cause diarrhea. It can fill up small stomachs and decrease your baby’s appetite for nutritious foods. Too much juice can also cause early childhood tooth decay.

When you do offer juice, be sure it is only 100% fruit juice. Always offer it in a cup, as part of a meal or snack. Offer water to babies and young children between meals and snacks if they are thirsty. Limit juice to 120 to 180 mL (4 to 6 oz.) per day.

Foods not recommended
Don’t give babies sugary drinks or foods, such as candies, soda/pop or energy drinks.
Don’t give honey to babies under 1 year old, as there is a risk of infant botulism (food poisoning).
To reduce the chance of an allergic reaction, avoid giving egg whites until your baby is 1 year old.
If you have a family history of allergies, you may want to wait until your baby is 3 years old before introducing peanuts, tree nuts (such as pecans or walnuts) or shellfish.

How to prevent choking
Always supervise babies and children while they are eating. They should be sitting down.
Don’t feed your baby peanuts, nuts or popcorn.
Dice or slice round foods such as wieners or grapes.
Grate raw vegetables such as carrots to make them easier to chew.
Remove pits from fruits.
Cook hard fruits and vegetables to soften them.
Spread sticky foods like peanut butter thinly on a cracker or toast rather than bread.
Chop or scrape stringy meat and add broth to moisten it.

Helpful Links on Feeding:

Feding Your Baby in The first year
First Foods
Starting Solids


It's a wonderful 5 months already of being with you....

Sweet Baby,

It's been 5 days since you turned 5 months old. I've been reflecting all these days how much you have developed. It' so fast. I remember before you were born, I actually ready myself for stressful days, and sleepless nights, as like what every Mommies have been experiencing. I have been advised and I read all those terrifying experiences.

Surprisingly, it was never been difficult for us (especially me) to take care of you. You've been sleeping all day long during your first month. You only wake up for feedings and sometimes stayed awake for almost an hour. I love seeing you falling alseep, those eyes looking upwards trying to stay awake maybe because you were aware that me and your papa has been watching you, as what I assumed.

I feel like in heaven everytime I feed you with my breastmilk. Makes me feel my worth as a mother. You melt my heart when you stare at me. It's our main bonding time whenever I feed you, while burping time was your bonding time with your Dad.

At 2 months, you had your first real smile. I was lucky to be the one who first witnessed it. Your dad was at work. You absorbed my tiredness from cleaning our house with your gummy grinny smile. We had your first blessing in the temple when you turned 31 days. Thanks to your granny for your gown and your Kazari doll. You're one of the lucky babies who can enjoy two different rich cultures. Can't wait to celebrate your first Christmas and New Year to my home country, your second home, and meet your other relatives who have been excited to see you, especially your Lolo.

At 3 months, we celebrated your 100 days in Japanese style. You learned to suck your fingers and seems enjoying it. You had your first laugh, and since then, you always giggles every time, whenever we play, whenever we change your pampers... you always give us your big smile everytime we meet our eyes. You've become jollier. You just know how to make us happy.

At 4 months, you've been more helpful to do my chores by behaving and playing with yourself in the crib, or in your stroller, or in your new playpen. It has been more enjoyable time for us. You know more how to interact with your surroundings. You learned to babble. You get excited when you see your milk. Oh yeah, it's so sad that you seem show more interest to your bottled milk than your mommy's milk? huhu =(....

You can now grasp something in your both hands. You endure longer tummy time, you enjoy it so much. Baby, we already finished your 12GB memory card =) You're such a good model, you know how to smile and giggles in front of the camera.... I was such a camera whore then, but now I enjoy more being the photographer. =)

It's just so fast, you are 5 months old already. Just a week ago, you started your first ever meal by eating apple for the meantime. Your Dad enjoys so much feeding you every morning. He's the one prepares your meal. He doesn't want you to eat instant baby foods (yet, not this time)... We're so lucky to have your Dad babe, he's such a loving father. But we are luckier to have you, you take our life in the right direction where it is supposed to be.


with much love,


My baby who has just turned 5 months today smiles, giggles, and making noises all the time. I really love it especially every morning, a really good thing to start a positive day. Sometimes she wakes us up by her "ahhhhhhhhh----". Just lately she learned to shout like a girl who just saw Rob Pattinson, you know what I mean . Having a happy baby is the best pleasures a mom (& dad) could ever have. I wish she stays that way til she gets old.

Just a short clip of lil cutie dollie Anzu having a good time with her pretty mumma on a friday morning. Enjoy!


Another thing for me to look forward every Sat is Toy Hunting by Ate Joy D. This will gonna be my first time to post an entry for

I'm thrilled to be invited lol.. ( arigatou gozaimasu...)

I didn't have a hard time hunting for this week's theme, Yellow toy. Aside from color red, I think Yellow is my lil dollies favorite color =)surely we have those ones..

I bought these stuffs in Toys R Us for my baby's stroller. I bought that flower when she was 2 months old,and put it on her crib at first. She loves staring at it... Now, I think she's loving the lil chick but she still loves the flower thats why I put it on her stroller where she sits every morning =)

This lil lion is hanged on her play pen... Obviously, she loves it also =)

Click Here for more... Have a Nice Day


My favorite routine of the day ( I guess my baby too ) is BABY BATH TIME .
Perhaps this is the main part where me and H can bond with our baby since I can not do it all by myself. We are so new to this, it's a bit scary at first but we are getting used to it.

Hubby prepares the bathroom. It's still winter that's we have to keep it warm first. I prepare Azumi's clothes and making sure our room's temperture is high.

During bath time, H is the one holding her when its time to rinse, and I am charge with soaping, washing, and changing clothes upstairs .

She loves stretching her legs and splashing water in her little bath tub.

This was her first bath in a hot tub with her dear Dad. It was a freezing New Year's day so we decided to have her first hot bath before going to bed. She was serious at first, then kept on splashing after... KAWAIIYO...


I can't wait for the three of us to have ofuro together with those bath toys and yellow duckies.


Today we are celebrating another tradition of Japan for girls. The Japanese Doll festival, also called the OHINAMATSURI is anually celebrated every 3rd day of March. It is mostly celebrated at home with your daughter, and her OHINASAMA (japanese dolls) displayed inside the house.

Azumi's Ohinasama dolls are displayed in our living room where everybody could see it.
It is believed that these dolls absorb all the evil spririts and misfortunes coming their way for the coming year. This means our daughter will have a good life and happiness all throughout the year 

It is also believed that OHINASAMA dolls should be kept after the festival day or else the daughter will become an old maid =) or if not,it would take a long time for her to get married. That's uncool =(.

I would like to thank my mother in law for  bought giving these dolls for our little girl. Traditionally speaking, my mother should be the one giving this to Azumi but since she is not a japanese,  my MIL bought it as present. Ohinasama dolls are quite expensive, from ¥20,000 ~.

I love Japan's rich culture. I'm learning alot. I'm glad for my daughter because she can enjoy two diferent cultures.

I also would like to thank my Mom's Mom in Law, Okasan as well we all call her, for making efforts of making a chirashi-sushi for Azumi. This is one of the foods that should be prepared in celebrating this festival.

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