Wee.. it has been lazy days for me .�E�E src=. every hour, almost everywhere, every channels, since friday, Michael has been the main topic. R.I.P Well, I actually feel sad about it. You know... Too much about me..

How's my lil dolly? She moves a lot... unstoppable ぁE�E☁E src=

taken at the park few days ago 繧ア繧「繝吶い縲€繝斐Φ繧ッ. AYaw pa pic ni Honey 繝昴Ο繝・ src=

Anywhoo.. I got a tag from Ate Clarissa and I want to tag YOU (if you haven't been tag by this..) also... here goes...down↓

USING ONLY ONE WORD! It’s not as easy as you might think! Copy and change the answers to suit you and pass it on. It’s really hard to use only one-word answers. Be sure to tag the person who sent it to you!

1. Where is your cell phone? --- there
2. Your hair? ---dyed
3. Your mother? ---tired
4. Your father? ----asleep
5. Your favorite food? ---Steak
6. Your dream last night? ---forgot
7. Your favorite drink? --- water
8. Your dream/goal? ---franchise
9. What room you are in? ---bedroom
10. Your hobby? ---watching
11. Your fear? ---ghost
12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? ---Philippines
13. Where were you last night? ---home
14. Something that you aren’t? ---patient
15. Muffins? ---yummy
16. Wish list item? ---digicam
17. Where you grew up? -Angeles
18. Last thing you did? ---shower
19. What are you wearing? --nothing
20. Your TV? ---sharp
21. Your pets? ---goldfish
22. Friends? ---miss
23. Your life? ---Happy
24. Your mood? ---Love
25. Missing someone?--- YES
26. Car? ---Toyota
27. Something you’re not wearing?--- jumper
28. Your favorite store? ---wellpark
29. Your favorite color? ----Blue
30. When is the last time you laughed? ----Today
31. Last time you cried? ----forgot
32. Who will resend this? ---Me
33. One place that I go to over and over? Tachikawa
34. One person who emails me regularly? facebook
35. My favorite place to eat? house

I'm tagging YOU... let me know some facts about yourself in ONE WORD


Our pretty dolly Anzu currently weighs 8.55 KG
and 69 cm in height

What I love about the shopping malls here in Japan is the Baby Facilities , which I never really paid attention when I was single. I didn't even know that there were such. Only when we took our lil girl to a mall for the first time when she was 3 months. Hubby and I were a lil bit worried about taking our baby in a such an overwhelming place... We were both surprise to realized that big shopping malls here are real family oriented . They have baby rooms which are usually huge... a lil bigger than the japanese apartment with rows of nappy-changing tables , mini kitchen with microwave and hot water tap for making a formula milk , small private room for breastfeeding moms , toilet facilities, play area for siblings, measuring scales for height and weight, vending machines of baby food and drinks, nappy bins.. etc

I don't have to bring my baby's pram if ever because they also have baby strollers .. Great..

Every month, I usually check and record my babe's weight and height... Right now, she gained .5kg and plus 4 cm in height in just 3 weeks.

How's Azumi? She's really getting more malikot everyday.. She crawls fast, and runs when she's on walker .. GENKI GENKI


The thing is... I miss my dad. I would miss him more especially on father's day and his birthday. Im missing him even more whenever I see my honey and lil dolly having a great time.

Our Dad took care of us when Mom has to leave for work in abroad, until they got legally separated when I was in the Primary School for some reasons that we whole heartedly understand and accepted at young age. We never took that separation against them because we already figured it out that some things are not meant to be no matter how hard you try.
We never felt different from other kids. We normally grew up without resentment because we were showered with the love and care of our parents on their own special and different way, supported by our relatives on my Dad's side. We have great Aunts who has become our second mothers. Cousins who have been always there for us.

But still, our relationship with our Dad is uncomparable. We've been together thru thick and thin, good times and bad times . Sometimes my hubby would jokingly tell me that he understands why I tend to forget that Im a lady and act like a boy sometimes... you know why

That's Our Dad entries HERE.


Finally, Im finished with my first ever Photobook using Shutterfly . I've been creating my dolly's baby book for like forever . SHe's already 8 months but still haven't finished printing all her photos from 0 . Only now was I determined to finished her 6TH MONTH Album so I can send a resized copy of it to my lil sister on her birthday on July. Hopefully, I could also have time to finish her 7th Month Album until this week .

Uploading lots of files went well without a hitch . It's also pretty easy to navigate. And I read alot of great reviews about its quality. Its optional Storyboard tool helped me save time because of its feature to choose an appropriate layout throughout the book based on the photos that you upload.

Just like the others who are getting hooked with PHOTOBOOKS, I'm thrilled with the result and can't wait to see the final product . Photo books discount offers usually have limited time, depends on the season. Right now, I saved 20% from its original value which is not bad after all, well for me.. I also grabbed free prints by creating a Share site hosted by their site .. check it HERE ( more like a multipy account.)

Click here to view this photo book larger

You can also try your first photobook with Artscow. It's cheaper and they have lots of product offers.. I actually still have pending projects from it and I would definitely finish them in time


Spending time with your loveones is a great way to keep a healthy relationship with them. There are many outdoor fun activities that can be done throughout the year... even in an ordinary day. Each season has tons of fun waiting to happen.. Spring time is my favorite season .. FOr all the cliche reasons, i love the fine weather. It's AWAKENING.. Everything comes to life, seems all is in balance .. SARAP MAMASYAL, even just have a walk to the parks.

Since MArch, It has been a routine for me and my dolly to have a walk with her stroller whenever the weather is fine. We walk and stop by to a park to watch other kids playing.

backward-2.gif image by bams704 My sweety dolly with her Tita Nix at the park near our house ...

Anzu's first ever Nature Trip in the mountain.. forward-2.gif image by bams704

backward-2.gif image by bams704 At the lake, where me and hubby used to have picnic date when we were still BF-GF

More OUTDOOR FUN post linkies HERE


Last month was our lucky 7th month with our baby, and now, according to Chinese, we're on our eternal 8th month...
It's already been a wonderful 8 months being a mum and dad to our lil cutie sweetie pie...


Photo sharing her random photos during her 7th month ..


I expect more outdoor and (window) shopping leisures with her, now that she appreciates everything she sees.. SO glad she finally met her Tita Nix last month. Its always real fun being with my sissy ...

Hopefully to meet her huge number of relatives in Philippines this year or early next year ( i dont know yet.. ) but sure she will have her 2nd year birthday there next year ...

Happy Birthday to my baby's pretty ol girlfriend, KLARA


Wonder who is Kiki? That's Anzu.. her new nickname . I actually call her Pekpek Chan whenever I change her pampers. Lately, I got hooked with The OC series, one of the characters' nickname is Kiki.. there, I got the name.

Lookie.. im sharing again Kiki's crawling clips . She can't actually crawl yet but she kinda drags herself around. She's getting more unstoppable everyday . So probably she would be crawling in her hands and knees in the coming days (hopefully if not)...

Wheww, she may be amusing us with her army crawl for now, i just hope she won't get our nerves when she can really crawl ...

But you know, inspite of her being "malikot" lately, she makes our day. I know you know that feeling ...