Ahhh Mosquitos!

I've been living here for almost like forever but only this summer I've found that there are LOTS of mosquitoes in Japan.

Having lots of greenery and bodies of water here, definitely there would be lots of insects coming out on their search and annoy missions. Well like in most places, mosquitoes come out mostly in the Summer.

We can prevent our kids from getting stung or bitten by these insects with insect repellants.

I'm using a non-chemical repellant and Patch for the bitten skin. I actually have an oinment but I cant seem to find it lol..

Note: that repellents are not recommended for use on babies younger than 2 months

Here are some other ways to prevent from getting bitten by these annoying bugs :

1.Wear light color clothing that covers most of the body, keeping as much skin and hair covered as possible when going outdoor. Avoid bright and floral colors.

2. Avoid fragrances in soaps, shampoos, and lotions.
3. Avoid playing outdoors during the peak biting times in your area
4. Try to stay away from insect hangouts like still water, high grass, open garbage, etc

My poor baby has been getting bitten by this effin mosquitos! and so as me ... Ugghhh... This is the reason why I don't often take her out in the park.

But then yesterday, she was on our genkan (front door) and wearing her shoes (did i tell you she can wear it on her own?)... she said "park park" ---"alrighty!" kawaii, so I gave in even if it was late afternoon, the time when you have to be extremely careful.

Here she is feeling so happy! prisonbreak lol

happy happy...
She met a new friend.. I met a new friend too, his mom and I chatted til mosquitos have come out to annoy us.

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  1. Hi Bam,Agree insects are everywhere talaga grabe kawawa ang bata pag nakagat. Miss you Bam ingat =)

  2. kahit saang lugar talaga may lamok..

  3. Hi Bambie!

    Your little tot is so adorable. And I'm pretty surprised to know there are plenty of mosquitoes there too.

    Here in Dubai, very, very seldom. In my 10 years here, I have just been bitten about 5 times. Would you believe? I'm not sure why there are very few bugs here, probably because it is so humid and hot.

    Have a nice day!

    Ria C
    It's My Party
    Home is Where the Heart Is
    Handmade with Love

  4. P.S.

    I knew it!!! No wonder your template is so "kawaii" because Kaye used her "magic touch!" Galing talaga ng batang iyon... I think ipapa-bago ko na naman ang template ko sa kanya soon...hehehe... She's going to go berzerk! nyahahaha.

  5. DITO nga may dengue fever haist

  6. 4 years na ako dito sa states now lang ako nakagat ng lamok.. i dont go out often pero nakagat pa rin and its so itchy..

  7. ang pagbabalik..aayyy ang laki na ni princess mo bam:) good day!

  8. Beware of these mosquitoes, you can never tell if they are carrying the dreaded dengue fever virus. It is better to be safe than sorry. So many lives have been unnecessarily lost in the Phils because of dengue fever brought about by a certain strain of mosquitoes. Poor Anzu, bitten by those nasty bugs. Thanks for the buzzing post. God bless you all always.

  9. Dito hindi masyado ang mosquitoes depende siguro sa lugar. pero langawat bugs mommy lumalabas nag hahasik ng lagim.

    kakatuwa talaga mga mukha ng mga anak natin pagnakalabas sa hawla ano hehe. Si Jake nga nag wawala pag pinapapasok na hahaha

  10. Dun sa bukid ng tralala sobrang dami ng lamok--kulang yata ang isang box sa kanilang dalawa,halos buong katawan nila meron patch(T_T)dito naman sa Iwaki,wala masyado.
    Gosh,ang laki na ni Azumi chan!

  11. Oh poor baby's leg bitten by mosquitos. Hang on there little bud, summer is almost over and mosquitos will be gone coz of winter.

  12. Hi bab! Visiting again, after ilang months hehehe.. here too, daming mosquitoes. hindi pwedeng walang mosquito repellant specially uso ang dengue :"[

    anyway, had fun reading ur posts. ang ur anzu's very pretty.. :)

  13. buti di sya allergic sa mosquito bites. Rylie is!


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