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Remember Maru Chan? She's the little cutie and well loved toy poodle of Anzu's Granny Baba who's just a day older than her. I remember the first time we introduced them to each other, it was an instant love for lil Anz. Maru Chan was kinda aloof at that time, hmmm maybe she was shy (or scared). She's not a jealous dog. You rarely hear her barks.. We are so careful to keep a close eye on the two of them when they are together but Maru Chan has never even flinched when Anzu gets too excited and tries to grab her face (ears, eyes, tail, etc.). However, we always let the dog know she's being a good girl and also teach Anzu to be more caress when grabbing her.

The positive reinforcement is always great for dogs -- and for kids as well.

Here's one of the many video clips of them taken last month (february 2010)....

Enjoy watching =)

The fascination and fun we see when they play and interacting is priceless. They're just so funny lol.. another video clip

Enjoy watching....

I love Maruchan eversince and I'm loving her more coz she has been a woderful and amazing dog and a playmate to our lil girl.

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  1. askim likes dogs, too.. she would always imitate the dog's sound "arf! arf! arf!" but i'm afraid the dog will bite her.. we have no pets at home though.

  2. hahahahaa!!Paborito yata ni Maru chan at Azumi chan si Rody eh lol!Dalawa silang nag-aagawan kay Rody!!Kakatuwang tingnan habang nagja-jump!!

  3. Ang kikay talaga ng lil anzu mo mommy bamz. she is so cute. parang gusto ko rin yang maru chan nyo, ang cute.

  4. @ Mrs. Kolca
    maybe kids have instant love with animals... yung mga dogs sa tin nakakatakot din lalo na kung askal, unlike here, parang anak na nila kung alagain kaya safe..

    @ Ate Clang
    mga toys ni Maru Chan.. you know naman mga aso dito, nadadaig pa minsan mga tao lol pero super bait ni Maru, di selosa..

    @ Shydub
    you'd surely love her, sobrang bait, di tumatahol at mabango pa..

  5. hahhaha...the clips are too cute to watch...my gosh....she's giggling out so loud...nakakatuwa....:)

    I can't believe these two get along so well...some dogs aren't friendly.....:) Akesha and Buddy does this sometimes....:)

    thanks for sharing mami Bamz....salamat din sa dalaw ha...ingat!

  6. Magkasundo ngang magkasundo si Anzu at si Maru Chan. Nagkakapag bonding sila nang husto sa kanilang sabay na paglaki. Hindi mapapantayan nang anumang laruan ang kasiyahan ni Anzu tuwing maglalaro sila ni Maru Chan. Ingat lang palagi dahil baka hindi sinasadya ay masaktan ni Maru Chan si Anzu sa kanilang paglalaro. Ang aso parang tao rin na nagre react defensively kapag nasasaktan. Buti na lang at disiplinado si Maru Chan nuong masaktan siya ni Anzu. Umakma lang siya pero hindi niya itinuloy. Naalala mo yung nangyari kay EJ na nakalmot nang aso niyang si Champ sa kanilang paglalaro. Naparusahan tuloy si Champ. Nakakatuwa yung pagtalon ni Anzu sa paggaya niya sa pagtalon ni Maru Chan. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  7. @ dhemz
    parang special nga tong aso na to coz she's so mabait or siguro dahil iba yung pagtrain nila dito.. some gets so spoiled, some naman may discipline..

    @ sir mel
    Sabay nga sila lalaki kasi ilang years din ang lifespan ng mga aso diba, one day older lang si Maruchan.. Sana po forever na mabait si Maruchan, di sya yung jealous type na aso kaya we feel so lucky..

    Thanks for watching =)

  8. I so love the second Vid hahaha, so fun to watch both of them lol..

  9. ako din ay gusto na may alagang aso..

  10. nakakatuwa ang vid... cute talaga ni anzu


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