Joy Ride

I love driving, so as honeyb.. We used to go out of town atleast twice a month when we were still dating.. usually it was always unplanned. We still drive around though but we rarely go out of towns because of our lil girl.. We just drive around and go somewhere..

Sometimes out of blue, we go out and just drive around the city, have take out from different food chains such as mcdo, moss burger, foods from convenience store... well Starbucks drivethru is my/our favorite..

SHowing some photos of our Lil Anzu inside our car.. sitting in a Child Car Seat, which is a must here in Japan...

Lil Anzu's precious car, a birthday gift from her pretty Tita Clang

Latest photo inside the car.. sleepy baby

Speaking of driving, I'm really looking forward to finally get a Japanese License this year. IDL is not acceptable anymore.. They say it's not that easy to get it, the exam is so tricky and there are rules and processes to follow. NO PAIN NO GAIN.

Geesh, I have to start reviewing now (but the problem is, im soooo lazy heck!)

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  1. Kaya mo yan,Bambie... Ang cu-cute talaga ng mga outfit ni Anzu...

  2. heheh she is cute and pretty...Happy mommy moments...

  3. Goodluck on your driving lesson Bams. Love the photos.

  4. such a cutie and a fashionista ni bebe mo sis! :) love all the photos :) good luck on gettin your own drivers license!

    u may view mine here

  5. i hope you can get japanese license this year..good luck for that.........

  6. Cute pictures! Your kids are having lots of fun! Nice toy car!

  7. Yes, there are a lot of changes in your lives now. Whereas before, it was only the two of you, now your baby princess is at the center of your world and your life. As she grows older, she will take more and more of your collective time. Just make sure that you always have quality time for each other so that the flame of love shall always
    burn in your hearts. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  8. Ang Fab naman ni Anzu even inside the car ;)

  9. Cute Azumi! She's growing fast isn't she?
    Ay, hindi na pwede ang IDL or in Japan only? Good can do it!

  10. Have a happy weekend Bams, thanks for the comments!

  11. wow nag da drive k n b sis? ehhehe ako katatapos lng driving lesson but still cant drive alone hehe kelngn practice pa!!

    cut ecute tlg ang baby mo gurl!! ahahha
    thks sa visit sa girls like my legs? aw kala nyo lng magnda yan ahahha pati legs ko photogenic ahahha =))

  12. Buti na lang hinde hate ni lil Anzu ang child seat--si Wakaba dati(a year older) grabe ang iyak pag nakatali sa child seat.Pero hinayaan namin hanggang sa masanay cya-ok naman na months after.
    Love your collages--different face expressions of Azumi chan!Kawaii!
    btw,good luck sa driving licence mo--kaya mo yan noh!Tyak magugulat ang sensei sa yo pag-drag style ang driving mo lol!\(^0^)/

  13. go go go! i know you can do it! :D and as always, the pictures are wonderful! :D happy mommy moments!


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