First Aid

These are the most essential First Aid items in our Medicine Box, mostly are for our lil princess.

** band aid
** cool patch fever

** Digital Thermometers
We use Ear Thermometer when our lil girl is not in the mood. I guess she's uncomfortable with the normal digital thermometer.

Ear Thermometer is quicker and more safe. The only problem to it is that its a little trickier to use than other digital thermometers. If you don't insert it exactly right, you could get an inaccurate result.

** Baby Nasal Aspirator Vacuum Suction (or simply Nose Vacuum)
This is with another tube for mother to vacuum out baby's mucus. When the nose is clear, you will feel the free air go in your mouth. The mucus will be collected in the container or just along the other tube.
This has been a handy tool for us eversince. Anzu could be so irritating when she has runny or stuffy nose. She had those episodes when she suddenly cries in the middle of the night because of stuffed-up nose and this nose vacuum cleaner helped her breathe smoothly

Well I don't have much First Aid tips to share because I don't have any serious experience yet (thank God). But I suggest to have your child a seperate First Aid Kit or Medicine box. I think it's important so that you may be able to get what you need quickly. You don't want to be "hunting" for the things you need right? Plus the fact that kids are more prone to sickness and accidents.

More First Aid Tips here from expert Mommies online
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  1. I couldn't find a spot in your top ten droppers to comment. So I am here thanking you for recognizing me. I am honored to be on your sidebar.

  2. And cool naman ng Nose Vacuum mo sis. I have the same digital thermometer. I love it. It is very helpful. My medicine box is more crowded, though. I have over the counter caps & tabs plus other pain creams & ointments. Kelangan eh. Happy weekend dear! :D

  3. visiting you here, hope you can join my contest.

    thanks much.

  4. ang favorite ng mga anak ko sa first aid kit is the thermometer because of the beep sound that it makes.

  5. effective talaga ang band aid..para di dapuan ng langaw ang sugat,hehe..

  6. Mga Mommy this week sa MM mga girl scout laging handa. happy weekend to you and anzu mommy bamz

  7. I have most of the same things, plus a couple of herbal salves :)

  8. We almost have the same of what's inside in our first aid kit--lahat yata puro for kids.Ang hirap kasing magkasakit ng mga bata noh?Mabuti na yung palaging handa.


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