Late post =( As much as I wanted to blog about Anzu's first day in pre-school (last week tuesday, mar 2), I would just like to make this post as simple and short as possible.. Let the photos do the further talking lol.

Day 61 of 2010's ( tuesday, mar 2)

This is Anzu's School Bag and learning supplies, provided by her school

How was our first day in school? It was fine. Although Anzu wasn'T that cooperative grrr... SHe was playful and didn't want to be held.. The one hour class consist of 4 programs, which includes "mom and child interaction" where we sing and dance together.. Anzu wanted to sing and dance beside the teacher instead lol. I'm just glad she wasn't really shy girl after all. 3 of her classmates cried and Anzu was friendly enough to give her toy to the little boy crying beside us..

No matter how I love taking Anzu's photos, especially her special moments and milestones, I know when is the right time to do it... kakahiya naman mamicture sa loob ng classroom so here is a shot taken right after saying goodbye to her dear classmates. Parang ayaw na umuwi lol

Treated ourselves with something sweet at Coldstone... Just a great day to have Ice cream

Coldstone Ice Cream Bar at Lumine Mall, Tachikawa Tokyo

** went to a building of gadgets after... geesh, I saw my dream Camera again lol--

at Bic Camera, Tachikawa Tokyo

Remembe Ryukun? Anzu's cutie cousin..

There she goes again, the Little Miss Independent on our way home...

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Mrs. Kolca said... [Reply to comment]

coldstone! that pink ice cream looks delish.. gimme some sis :D

hi anzy! study well baby.. you look fab :D

Arvin U. de la Peña said... [Reply to comment]

i like the last picture..walking alone in the street..

gossip mama said... [Reply to comment]

Im happy for baby anzu. She is just a baby, not even two years old yet, so she look forward for all the playtimes. Yan lng naman ka simply ang mga bata basta may laro okay na araw nila. Enjoy your time at school anzu and have fun socializing.

chubskulit said... [Reply to comment]

Ako basta yung kids, di ako nahihiya lol.. I don't wanna miss a thing noh.. So nag preschool na pala si Anzu.

Yellow Plates

Mel Alarilla said... [Reply to comment]

Very memorable pala yung 1st day sa class ni Anzu. Okay naman pala siya at hindi siya umiyak, lol. Marami siyang matutunan diyan especially yung pakikipag interact niya sa kanyang teacher at mga classmates. Nakakatawa yung last picture ni Anzu. Para siyang si Charlie Chaplin sa silent movie na The Tramp kung saan pauwi na si Chaplin, lol. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

Marice said... [Reply to comment]

funny hehe she wanted to be besides the teacher heheh :) ancute!

u may view mine here

shopannies said... [Reply to comment]

great pics

Honney said... [Reply to comment]

Hi, Bambie! Anzu goes to school na pala? Wow, congrats! You must be very excited! Ang sosyal pa ng school ha. They provide school supplies? Magkano tuition fee, sis? Parang ako din, super excited when Greggy first went to school. :D

Me-an said... [Reply to comment]

wow...how exciting...im looking forward when My Garren will go to school too..

Clarissa said... [Reply to comment]

Sayang,di mo masyadong nakunan si Azumi chan--di bale marami pa namang moments di bah?Dito naman ok lang magdala ng camera at kumuha ng pics.Nahihiya din ako nung una kasi baka istorbo sa class kaya lang yung ibang Okasan eh kuha ng kuha ng pics.Kinukunan din ng school ng pics ang mga bata tapos ibibigay sa yo pero may bayad kaya magdala na lang camera,libre pa lol!Sobrang excited ni Azumi kasi maraming bata!Ohh!!'m so excited for Azumi chan!!\(^0^)/Once a week lang ba ang pasok nya?

Jes said... [Reply to comment]

hi! cute nmn nag aaral na si anzu ehehhe =)) nice free ang things =) or kasama sa binayadan? ehehhe =))
nag ba blog ako pero lately nlng....=) kala mo lng d nag fe feed actually wala syang i fe feed ahahahah =)) its been three months eh nwala kasi pc ko 4 2 mos nsa gawaan =)

scart said... [Reply to comment]

hello bambie, nakapag bloghop din.

Mukang enjoy si Anzu sa 1st day of school nya ah at pansin humahaba na hair nya. am sure you can no longer wait para matalian hair nya :)

TC Bams and kisses to ur lil dollie!

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