Chiba Get-away

たたいま。。 I miss you my friends.

I've got load of stories to share but first, I'd like to share our most recent out of town get-away with Anzu's grandparents. It was actually our first time and it was long overdue. We planned to do it before japan's Golden Week to prevent the heavy traffic and overcrowded hotels and attractions. My In-Laws wanted to have an Onsen (Hot Spring) Relaxation so they chose an Onsen Hotel that serves a real delicious seafood course. We went to Chiba --one to 2 hour drive from our place.

The most excited of course is Me. I'm more excited for our little girl because it'd be another great experience and unforgettable adventure for her. She may never remember it but I definitely saved a lot of photos for her to look back in the future ... I also want to show you around Japan at the same time ...

So the first highlight during the trip was a mind-boggling experience of driving through the 10 km undersea tunnel which is actually running through the sea bottom of Tokyo bay called Tokyo BAY Aqua-Line and links western Tokyo and Yokohama with the southern end of the Chiba Peninsula. It was built to reduce traffic through the center of Tokyo that's why no wonder we were in Chiba in no time.

Isn't it amazing to think how Japanese genius Engineers could ever made a long tunnel High-way under the sea??? It's really impressive and I wonder why did I only realized it during that time. It was actually my 2nd time..

After the long tunnel, we stopped over at the famous Umi Hotaru which is literally means floating "fireflies". It is a the man-made-island where the bridge and tunnel meet

Turning around about 90 degrees from the first shot, you can actually see all that water surrounding the Umi-Hotaru island. I think this is where the tunnel high-way located.

The other bottom end of the man-made island..

I'm sharing the rest of our trip thru this slide show.. Please take your time and enjoy hihi...



  1. Under the sea highways are very impressive, but I always have weird feelings everytime I travel through them. I can still remember how tight I clung into my aunts arm everytime we passed by the Hong Kong's Cross-Harbour Tunnel and Western Harbour Crossing. I was like "whew!" after seeing the blue sky again.

  2. Wow, to the max ang getaway and vacation galore nyo dyan Bams, kakatuwa naman at aliw na aliw si Lola kay pretty Anzy.. Kahit sino naman eh maiinlove dyan sa pretty princess mo Bams hehehe.. Salamat at despite with your busy shced you still manange to visit. Don't worry about blogging, just enjoy your vacay with family. Ako din laging busy hehehe.. If you have time na, you may want to join my Nostalgia mee during thursday, this week sya maguumpisa.. mwah!

  3. Amazing! Great shots Bams! Galing talaga ng mga Japanese. I'm sure Anzu will love the pictures when she grows older.

  4. Wow! That looked like you had a great time. I loved the picture of you and your man. Of course Anzu is beautiful in any picture.

  5. very nice indeed and it looks exclusive place...the food is yummy...I´m sure of that...kaya love ko ang japanese food...hehehe!
    Just love foot massage....

    have a good week ahead and thanks for the Bambie...take care...

  6. It's definitely a time and space travel for both you and Anzu to enjoy Japan's delightful scenery both natural and man made. The engineering feats of Japan and even South Korea are really mind boggling. To traverse a man made tunnel under the sea is a thrilling experience indeed. It's nice that you were able to share those wonderful experiences with your in laws. Someday, Anzu and you will look back to those wonderful days faithfully recorded by you in photos and videos and blog posts. Thanks for the most wonderful post. God bless you all always.

  7. Iinaaa!!!Ang saya ng Golden Week at sulit na sulit talaga ang out of town nyo!Para na rin akong nakarating dun thru your pix!Enjoyed the slide!!

  8. I just added your blog site to my blogroll, I pray you would give some thought to doing the same.


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