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I actually can'T think of a nice title right now but I want to share some of our lil girl's highlights in the the past 2 weeks..

Day 106 of 2010's
( Friday, apr 16)

Anzu's pretty Aunt Nix has arrived here for a vacation... yey!

Day 107 of 2010's ( Saturday, apr 17)

Some pasalubongs from lil Anzu's Ninang Lei and Aunt Stephani So sweet of them.. She got educational DVDs (and vcds), bag organizer, clothes, and accessories. I love them

Day 108 of 2010's ( Sunday, apr 18)

Had a french dinner course at ST. Mark Restaurant with the family... Anzu gave us a lil hard time coz she was playing/running around the place.

Day 109 of 2010's ( Monday, apr 19)

She seems to be uncontrollable these days lol... so playful!

(caption it lol)

Day 110 of 2010's ( Tuesday, apr 20)

Kiddie Lunch Meal at Jonathan's Restaurant, after Anzu's pre-school Class..

Isn't it cute?

Day 113 of 2010's ( Friday, apr 23)

As of the month of April, my baby is (or might be) ready for potty train but I'M NOT (I'm actually taking it slow). She tells us she pooped like "pupu.. pupu" while pointing at her diaper.. WE'RE SO PROUD OF HER!

TIME IS INDEED FLYING SO FAST... I can't believe it's already MAY


  1. Nakakatuwa ang mga events sa buhay ninyo ni Anzu this past two weeks. Maganda rin ang kapatid mo na katulad mo. Marami ngang pasalubong para kay Anzu. Nakakatuwa naman ang pagkain ni Anzu, very colorful. Naguumpisa na palang magaral mag poo poo si Anzu, lol. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  2. galing naman ni anzy.. very smart baby.. growing real fast.. i can't wait to see you anzy.. meet tayo pag-uwi nyo ni mommy huh.. muah! :D

  3. oh mama mia...daming pala kayong activities over the past few gosh, laki na talaga ang improvements ni Anzu....she's growing up so fast...dami na achievements....

    love all the photos....very happy....ehehehhe!

    thanks sa visit and comment mami should get the wii's pretty cool...don't worry, am sure d mo mapapabayaan ang! most likely sa gabi kami nag totournament ni hubby....kasi boring pag ako lang should get it!

  4. awww!!! this is what I like about blogging... we are able to document our kid's life dba? Sabi ko nga, sana pag laki ni alyssa and she stumbles upon her blog, eh matuwa sya na she was able to so those things while she was that age... how time flies nga... and wow! Anzu's so good ha... I bet potty training isn't a pain in your butt anymore... she's doing well!!!

  5. She's almost two na ba? Naku wait ka pa sa terrible two :D Di bale enjoy naman lagi with Anzu around...Omedetou!!! Lapit ka na maging potty-trained Anzu!

    True mommy AC, our kids would surely thank us for the memories we blogged about...Kudos mombloggers! (Isla, kasali ka dun!)

  6. laki na ni anzu ano? parang kelan lang na read ko tong site na ito nung baby pa xa...naks! pagbalik ko ngayon talagang big girl na xa...hhehheh

  7. ang daming pasalubong ni lil Anzu..thanks for sharing these..

  8. your little girl is growing very fast...maganda yang palagi mo syang pinicturan para ma-obserbahan mo ang mga changes nya....

    Hello mom Bam mayroon akong sisterhood award para sayo hope you like it and grabb it...

    Thanks for being a my friend in bloggosphere...

    take care


  9. she's growing very fast and smart.

    pls accept a Sisterhood award from me

  10. Wowowow, ang saya saya naman at andyan si Tita Nix ni Anzy hehehe, gaganda nyo talag Bams.

    Advance Hhappy Mother's day! I've got something for you here, hope you like it.

  11. sarap buhay ni sister ah. IN and OUT sa japan hehehe. Makakahinga ka ng maluwag pag natuto na mag potty si Anzu. Si freya sa gabi nalang nag diaper saka pag umaalis. sa umaga hindi na at pag nasa bahay lang. hindi pa kasi nya nako-control ang pee and poop nya.

    Yeah May na naman at bday month natin lolz. i dont wanna think of it ksi tatanda na naman ako.

  12. Hi, Bams! Ang nice naman ng pasalubong kay Anzu. Ang pinakagusto ko yung educational DVDs! Hehe. Happy Mother's Day po.

  13. Awww love you baby have a nice vacations

  14. Ang saya-saya talaga ng mga outings nyo ng family nyo lalo na ngayong nagbakasyon ang sister mo.

  15. btw,naputol ang comment ko dito,umuwi kasi ng maaga si Yochan eh lol!

    Maganda pag maaga ang potty training ni Azumi chan like ngayon summer--best time for training at home.Take her to potty every two hours hanggang sa makasanayan nya.It's a long process but you don't have to stress yourself and Azumi pero pag ganyan cya,mapapa-aga nga ang potty training nya which is good!^_^
    Sina Wakaba at Haruka is fully potty trained at the age 2 and a half.Naka-diaper sila pag sleeping time at pag umaalis lang ng bahay.


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