So little time...

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Posting has been a little light lately (if you haven't notice). And for that I have many good excuses. Yeah I know, there you've hearing some bloggers who complain about not having enough time to post --well hear me out, im one of those. I have two (acceptable?) reasons for not posting more this past few weeks.

For one, my dear lil sissy is here in Japan and we've been going out more often than the usual.

Second, I feel very uninspired and uncreative lately. SO sure it has something to do with our busy days...

Last two weeks of April were kinda busy week for all of us.

  • Family dinners and get together on my side and honey's side. We went out of town with Anzu's Grandparents for the first time during the last week of April (26-27)
  • Dinner and Fun drinking with some friends (and mom's friends).
  • leisure time with my sissy (anzu's Aunt) almost everyday lol ( no wonder I gained so much weight)
And I think this month of MAY would be the busiest month ever. It's all about fun and outdoors. Our lil ANzu got a slight fever few days ago, a day after we had our Picnik at Showa Kinnen. So glad she's ok now, thank God.

There are so many events this coming days --yours truly's birthday, bbq at the river, amusement parks, flea market, etc... I always love my birthday month, it's all about fun but this time, it's more of a wholesome fun.

So many things to share, so little time...

Day 116 of 2010's ( Monday, Apr 26)

Anzu with her grandparents during our stopover at Umihotaru ( will post more next time )

Day 117 of 2010's ( Tuesday, Apr 27)

A little sea viewing during our 2nd day at Chiba, Japan... on our way home to Tokyo...

Day 118 of 2010's ( Wednesday, Apr 28)

With Anzu's bff, Miki Chan. Both a cutie =)

Day 119 of 2010's ( Thurs, Apr 29)

During our Yakiniku dinner... my gosh Anzu kept on smiling and saying "Hi" to the cute boy next to our table.. bata pa lang si baby, flirty na lol. Anzu was just being friendly anyway (but extra friendly with this boy lol)

Day 120 of 2010's ( Fri, Apr 30)

on a bed of balls lol

Have a nice day

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21 kawaii thoughts

  1. The boy was such a cutie. That's why sis. Haha. Anyway, cutie den si Anzy so bagay sila. Joke. Love you Anzy. Askim wants to play with you in that bed of balls. Fun! :)

  2. Ja...I understand you ...ang bilis kasi nang panahon sobra...take it easy enjoy bonding with your sister while she is with you...

    Have fun while you can...and take care

  3. Blogging can wait Mommy Bambs, your sister only visits once in a while, spend time with her. We're still here, waiting for you, OK? Hindi sa lahat ng oras eh nasa mood or may time tayong mag blog. Family first before blogging..Mwahhh!

  4. same here ykaie has been having fever on and off for a few days now.

  5. sis Happy birthday!

    I could relate with your post too sis, so much to talk so little time..pag may time naman not inspired to write..he..he...lalo na ngayon na pasukan na...anyway, let's just get in touch with each other pag may time:)

    mas talkative na si Anzu mo, si Hyzyd naman more on actions or sign language..he..he...happy to know you sis:)

    Stay blessed and enjoy your birthday:)

  6. Wow ang saya saya naman lagi ng bonding nyo dyan Bams, love Anzy's crocs hehehe.. Until when si sissy mo dyan?

  7. Enjoy your time with your family bamz and enjoy every bit of it. Happy Birthday and kissess to lil Anzu, wow she will be two years soon as insoon. Happy Birthday again take care and say hi to your sistah and family.

  8. Happy, happy birthday pala sis. I think this year is going to be the bestiest birthday for you kasi andyan ang sister at mom mo. Kumpleto kayo. Ingat lage. Regards to your family. Again, happy birthday :D

  9. Hi Bams! You're not alone, I myself have pulled-off from blogging since April. Family activities too. But then, if we're going to talk about good time, nothing beats the company of our loved ones. Im glad that lil anzu is now ok. Take care of yourself too, and Happy Birthday!

  10. I always feel blessed and honored whenever I receive awards from my blogger friends. The thought of being remembered is something..

  11. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Bambie dear. May you have many more blessed and abundant birthdays to come. I came to know of your birthday because Shy posted about it on her blog. Here's to one of the sweetest and most thoughtful blogger in the blog world. May the Lord grant you all of your secret desires in your heart. Give a hug and a kiss to Anzu for me. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  12. happy birthday to the most beautiful mommy blogger in the universe!!

  13. Salamat po sa mga nag-greet sa kin =) thank you so much. I feel so blessed because of you =)

  14. Daan ako dito mami Bamz....just want to greet you a Happy Birthday...mwah!

  15. those child was adorable love them..:) btw can we do link exchange? thanks

  16. Ey, Happy Birthday! May you more blessed years to come! Enjoy your special day.

    Pareho ang mga kids natin, thumbsucker! Naaliw ako panoorin ung video sa sidebar mo kasi ganun na ganun ang anak ko. Ngayon, pag magta thumbsuck sya tinatalikuran ako para hindi ko makita. Mautak eh.

  17. Hi, Bams! It's okay if you can't update your blog as often as you wish. Our offline life with our family is still the most important. *hugs*

    happy Sunday po!

  18. April and May are busy times for me also.Mostly birthdays and this year we are celebrating our anniversary in May.Seeing I am a grandfather I have to love the picture of Anzu with her grandparents.
    Have a wonderful day.


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