One of the days when our starving bellies enticed us to give Mister Donut a visit which is just a five-minute walking distance from our house. It's been awhile..

I always love their Old Fashion Donuts and Hot Cafe Au Laite which is refillable...


I wished I ordered up a little medley of goods instead to take photos lol. DOnuts are more Japanese-ingy, less sweet, simpler and yet fabulous....

Mister Donut was one of my life saver in Japan lol! I used to collect points to get free gifts. That was the time when I wasn't a health conscious yet. I didn't care whether they are full of carbs, sugar, and oils. I eat 3-4 donuts in one sitting (what a pig!). However, having to go there and buy a box of Mister Donuts almost thrice a week made me sick of donuts for months.

BUT STILL, it's better than the other donut chains... Affordable and offers freebies whichc vary everymonth (or every season)

So if you get to visit here in Japan, you might want to take a break and have a coffee and delicious doughnut here at Mister DOnut..

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Khim said... [Reply to comment]

Happy yellow monday mom Bam...

nice cup you had down there...perfect for the Meme...

merce said... [Reply to comment]

Iba talaga ang doughnut sa japan,malambot na masarap!
at higit sa lahat,katamtaman lamang po ang tamis.

Honney said... [Reply to comment]

i love donuts! ginutom naman ako, sis. ang paya mo na ah. btw, anong camera ba gamit mo? ang ganda ng shots mo lagi e. :P

Mel Alarilla said... [Reply to comment]

Natatawa ako sa unang picture. Hindi mo mawari kung sino ang mommy at sino ang baby kasi sinusubuan ka ni Anzu, lol. Ang mukha ni Anzu habang sinusubuan ka ay very serious at talagang seryoso siya sa pagpapakain sa iyo. Mahirap talaga magpalaki nang mommy, lol. Ganun din sa pangalawang picture . Parang sinasaway ka ni Anzu sa paginom mo sa cup nang coffee ba yun o hot chocolate? Very serious ang mukha nang ating baby, lol. Masarap talaga ang Mister Donut, huwag lang susobra, lol. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

Nukke said... [Reply to comment]

What a lovely place !!!! Beautiful pics !

Greetings from Finland :)

AC said... [Reply to comment]

haha!!! ang cute cute nga ng mga pics!!! si anzu eh feeling mommy... sis, pareho lang ba ang mister donut dyan at sa atin? loyal kase ako sa dunkin... hehehe...

btw, I am making the blogroll for my Cheeky Munchkins and I'm adding Anzu's blog for the parenting/kiddie category...

nuts said... [Reply to comment]

oh my, i so love donut! everytime i see a store near by, i can't let it pass not having a piece of donut and a cup of coffee.. oh, i can smell the aroma.. so love it!

Clarissa said... [Reply to comment]

Magkakasundo tayo sa MisDo!Dyan din ang fave na tambayan namin ng ibang Mums sa school eh.Cyempre pa,refillable ang coffee nila!Hanggang 2 donuts lang ako at nihai okawari sa cafe au lait.

Arvin U. de la Peña said... [Reply to comment]

it looks like na parang gusto kong bumili ng donut..

Tetcha said... [Reply to comment]

You're looking good in those photos, Mommy!Does Mister Donut have anything to do with that? If yes, I'll order a dozen donuts now. LOL! Thanks for the visit!

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