4d Ultrasound Experience

11:12 PM
This is our Azumi's first 4d Ultrasound Shot during our 30 weeks.

It was really a wonderful experience to see your baby moves in your own stomach. So glad that my doctor does 2d-3d sonogram in every check up and he would schedule us for 4d if we want to but with extra charge.

I get why people would want to see more. It's just so tempting to be able to see him early! :) We were one of those first time parents who were antsy pantsy tunnel vision impatient to see their lovechild before she'll be delivered lol.

It was amazing and totally worth it. It made us more excited to anticipate the big day (my delivery)

If you're thinking of having 3D/4D ultrasound, make sure you get them within a recommended time frame. Many suggested around 28 weeks when baby is big enough to see without being scrunched.

Look or ask around if there are hospitals or Ultrasound Centers
that offer different services and packages for expecting parents. I was supposed to get mine at In My Womb when I had a month vacation in the Philippines because their packages are quite tempting, and I heard alot of positive feedbacks about the staff, technician and the doctors.

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  1. hehe. 4D here I think got but expensive. thanks for update sis :D

  2. I also love that technology. Ang ganyan ni Askim, kamukha nya talaga. Ay.. I mean, malinaw talaga na ganun ang hitsura nya. As in nagkaron agad ako ng idea kung gano kaamo ang mukha nya pagnailabas ko na. Hihi.

  3. Sundan mo na kasi sis para may playmate si Anzu. sarap talaga feeling sa buntis at balik balik ang times na prego pa tayo. Now look at your lil anzu, makulit na at lumalaking maganda at mabait like her mommy.


  4. wow, napaka nostalgic talaga ng dating nyan, well, sa dami ng anak ko, yung free ultrasound na lang ang nakikita ko. ay si wrozlie pala na 3d sa Korea, kaso ang liit pa nya nun, buto lang sa likod ang naktia ko hehehe..


  5. Kahit pala nasa loob ng tummy si Anzy eh maganda na , kaya naman bongga sa kagandahan habang lumalaki hehehe.. Mga maswerte kabataan ngayon kasi recorded ang pagdating nila sa mundo unlike sa mga gaya ko hahaha. Walang wala kahit baby pic lol..

  6. wow, 4d utz pics, I also posted utz pics in nostalgia today but not like yours. That is really a great memoranilia for your child.


  7. oh i love the images.. kuhang kuha talaga ang face

  8. hmm nice naman my shot na ganon. anyway, my late post is up.

    Mine is here

  9. Wow, hi tech na ano, yung ako nagbubuntis ako di pa man uso to, or wala pa lang sa Davao... hehehehe!

  10. Hi Bams, not sure if my comment went through yesterday hehehe.. Kumusta kayo?

  11. I'm sure excited ka na sa pagdeliver nun kay Azumi chan! Mahal nga ang 4d ultrasound dito--mapapanganga ka talaga sa charge.Di ko lang alam if ever magkaka-baby ako,might try to experience 4d.Meanwhile,chotto yasumi muna kami sa baby making.

  12. wow, ang cute ng entry mo Bams...love it..i can relate the feeling of being a first time mom..hehe

    Thanks for the comment anyway.

    have a great weekend

  13. It must have been such a wonderful experience seeing Anzu for the first time through ultra sound with 2D and 3D functions. Many joyful events have already transpired after that memorable event in your life, including the actual birth of Anzu and her growing up years which you are faithfully chronicling. I'm sure Anzu will appreciate all of your tireless efforts to record everything for her and posterity's sake. Thanks for the nostalgic post. God bless you all always.

  14. I never had one of the 3D ones with my children, but it does look pretty cool.

  15. wow, even in her 4D, maganda na talaga. Anzu is so pretty talaga.. nice entry, very nostalgic.

  16. wow, grabe na ngayon klarong klaro na talaga.. di nag iba mukha nya hehehe..

  17. awwwwwww....this is indeed nostalgic...nakakamiss ang pagiging buntis...taray, 4D pa...ehehehhe!

  18. Many joyful events have already transpired after that memorable event in your life, including the actual birth of Anzu and her growing up years which you are faithfully chronicling..


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