Healthy Food for My Little Girl

The good idea of healthy eating as what most of us think is --eating fruits and vegetables and not too much fat and sugar. Wouldn't it be great if our kids grow up loving fruits and veggies and anything that is healthy and nutritious?

Well here are some of the healthy foods I prepared for my lil girl recently... Mango was included in the menu for the whole week. I was surprised when Hubs came home with a box of sweet mangoes.. They were indeed sweet..

When we (parents) prepare healthy meals for our kids, we are helping them to develop the right habits that will allow them to grow up not only eating, but enjoying all types of healthy and nutritious foods. The foods need to be appealing to entice our kids to eat them. Most of the MOMs living in Japan do spend much effort when it comes to their kids' foods. Maybe you're already familiar with Japanese Bentos , as like what Ate Clang's prepare for her pretty girls. Those are lunchboxes though, they are usually creatively and playfully prepared that kids would love.

Preparing baby food is however much easier, efficient, and more economical. All you need is to be creative with the small portions.

When I was a little girl I hated vegetables. Mom was so tough on me that she forces me to eat them. If I didn’t eat the thing, I wasn't allowed to leave the table. Dad was always easy on me. He lets me eat my favorite foods, as long as I eat well. Looking back, I'm thinking, maybe Mom did the usual way different way from what I have been doing with my little girl . Nonetheless, only now that I appreciate and realized why did she ever wanted me to love vegetables when I was a kid .

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    1. Hi sis! Hanga talaga ako sa effort mo nagpagrepare ng kiddie food. I think ganado talaga nyan si Anzy, but does she really get to finish everything? Para kasing andami eh. Si Askim, hindi mo mapakain ng ganyan kadami. Although she eats lots of plain yogurt. As in favorite nya yon kahit super asim kasi plain nga. Madalas naman super messy sya kasi she play with her food pagka hindi naubos. Hayyy.. she would mix her rice, yogurt, water and ulam. Favorite den nya ang mango at banana. Sana lang lumakas ang kain nya like Anzy. Tipo kasing mataas ang appetite ni Anzu sa regular meal than milk eh. Isn't it?

    2. grabe girl, I'm sooo inggit! how do you manage to prepare those good looking and tasty foods? ang galing! very well-balanced palagi ang foods ni Anzu... Na-guguilty tuloy ako... parang I'm gonna indulge myself on searching for kiddie foods now for my alyssa... thanks for the inspiration!!!

    3. Vegetables and fruit are very important in the development of a child.It is easier to let them eat what they like. The favorite foods. They must have a good variety in the diet.
      Have a good day.

    4. ummy, ang sarap naman ng foodies ng poretty princess Anzy hehehe.. Oiist ang galing mo na magluto ah..

    5. Anzu is more blessed because you can choose the kind of food you prepare for her. Most people in the Philippines grow up eating what was available at the dinner table whether it is healthy or not. Good thing that in the Philippines, the healthy foods like fruits and vegetables are relatively cheap. It is the delicious meat viands that are expensive. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

    6. oh the mango! You always prepare healthy foods for Anzu and I really applaud you for that... I am glad I don't have problems with Andrea when it comes to veggies and fruits and meat too!

    7. HI Azumi! Nilagay ko badge mo sa sites ko. :)


    8. yum yum yum! very healthy indeed....super mami ka talaga ganda.....Anzu's food looks inviting....:)

    9. magiging healthty talaga kapag ganyan lagi ang pagkain,hehe..

    10. Mommy bambz nakakabilib ka when you prepare healthy food for Anzu, masarap na enjoy pa tingnan. Ulirang ina ka talag fabulous pa.

    11. I meant to ask, di ba mapili si Anzy Bams?

    12. All I can say is WOW! Any kid would surely love to eat healthy when it is presented in such a fun and beautiful way. kudos to you mommy!

    13. wow, healthy food talaga.. ang tyga:)

    14. @Mrs. Kolca

      Same with Askim, minsan nilalaro na nya food nya.. Minsan di nya nauubos ang food nya, lalo na lately, napaparami kasi ang rice na nilalagay ko kaya nagsawa sa rice. Breakfast ubos lagi ang food, pag dinner, may natitira at yun ang nilalaro nya. BUti na lang, di sya tabain.

    15. @AC

      naku sister, pinaka-easy kasi gawin ang baby food kaya super effort ko na talaga.. minsan lazy din ako kaya naman pag may effort ang preparation, pini-picturan ko para may remembrance hehe

    16. @Russ

      so right Russ.. I wasnt much of a healthy food eater when i was a kid. NOw this makes sense because Azumi havent been sick since she was a baby =)

      @Mel Alarilla

      Sir Mel, naging health conscious lang ako simula ng nag-asawa ako.. ganito yata pag tumatanda hehe


      Parang hindi naman masyado mapili sa food, ayaw lang nya ng potato at pumpkin

    17. Aww...thank you,Bambie(nahihiya ako pag nababasa ang pangalan ko)
      Buti na lang at hinde picky eater si Azumi chan--lahat ng food na pine-prepare mo eh kinakain nya.I bet nanghihingi pa cya ng okawari!^_^
      Keep it up,Bambie!you're dong fine--naalala ko ang sarili ko sa yo dati,sayang nga lang at walang masyadong pictures sa mga gawa ko.


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