Weekend At Sea Paradise

Last week (6/11) we drove to the other side of Yokohama, which is rather a more quiet city than the other cities of Yokohama that we often go -almost 2 hours away from Tokyo. We stayed there to celebrate our 3rd year Anniversary, and visit the illustrious "Aqua Museum", the Hakkeijima Sea Paradise, on the next day.

As expected, we had a fun-filled day, especially the little Girl whom didn't want to be held most of the time (imagine how much calories I lost). I couldn't even take a decent photo of her coz she was busy looking around the different kinds of Sea Animals.

It was actually my second time to visit this paradise. I was surprised coz it did changed a lot after 7 years. Much bigger and more attractions that kids and even adults would love. There were less crowd so the entrance lines for attractions were incredibly short.

I think this is the perfect place for a nice and relaxing date with (a) loveone(s) or a family day on a weekend (if you're into Nature) .

Enjoy watching the sea nature

There are shows, a huge dolphin tank and even a small part of the park that people can enter and directly interact with the animals. You can touch a whale, dolphins or meet a penguin! However, I was disappointed because when it was our turn to touch the dolphins, they were somewhat shy HMMP. I waited a couple of minutes inspite of the itchy heat of the sun.

The Aqua Park has tons of shopping, restaurants and fun things to do all day. Although I didn't shopped that much.

This is a real stunner. Tears almost fell from my eyes when she looked at me as if he was smiling and talking good things about me.

Hakkeijima Sea Paradise is a fun theme park which consists of an aquarium, an amusement area, a hotel, a marina, restaurants, and more. There are about 500 kinds of fish in the aquarium, and fun performances by sea animals are held a few times a day. Hakkeijima is an island on Yokohama Bay.

This paradise is actually a big amusement park, that hosts a nice aquarium. There is also a hotel, an amusement area, a marina, restaurants and shops. The aquarium itself features 100,000 creatures of 500 different species of fish, packed into three levels. It has an underwater sea viewing tunnel, where you can look at all the freshwater and saltwater fish. There are many rides, if sea creatures get you in the mood for excitement. There are also nice outdoor areas for picnics.

If you happened to be in Japan, go and take a look at the sea creatures that you have never seen that close.



  1. Very precious bonding with your little girl. Happy father's day to your husband!

  2. Korewa natsukashii!!I've been there to Sea Paradise twice!!Naalala ko pa dati nagstay kami sa hotel,after going to Disney Land nagpunta kami sa Sea Paradise next day--I love their sea viewing tunnel! Dun ko din na-experience manood ng first dolphin show.Ahh!!Natsukashii!!

  3. Happy 3rd anniversary to you and your husband. Happy Father's Day to your hubby too. It's nice that you were able to celebrate your momentous celebration at the Hakkeijima Sea Paradise. Anzu really had a blast enjoying all varieties of sea creatures in the aquarium. She's so active and full of life that keeping in step with her becomes a veritable workout for you, lol. Thanks for the homey post. God bless you all always.

  4. Thats a wonderful family bonding. ganda mo talaga sistah, mana si lil anzu

  5. nice place to do some family bonding!
    happy father's day to your hubby

  6. awwwwwwww...sarap ng bonding...:)

  7. I love their sea viewing tunnel! Dun ko din na-experience manood ng first dolphin show.Ahh!!Natsukashii!!


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