Visiting Hachiko in Shibuya

Last month, Anzu had her first step in the city of Shibuya where there is always huge crowd especially on weekends. Literally hundreds of people pouring in the streets like ants (or a people power in Edsa lol) when the pedestrian lights turn GREEN. It is said to be that SHibuya has "The busiest crossing in the world" and I think it has largest intersection in the world (im not sure yet)

Usually I don't bring ANzu to the main cities alone because of the crowd but since my sister, cousin, and nephew were coming, so lucky her she was tagged along to the famous Shibuya for the first time and there she met Hachiko

Hachikô is a famous dog here in Japan. Behind this statue is a great true story of loyalty and unconditional love. He has inspired a nation during his lifetime and currently inspiring the world now that his true story was has a re-make english version “Hachiko, a Dog’s Story” starring Richard Gere. Personally, I think the original version is more depressing although I haven't seen the whole yet, only some clips which actually made me cry like a fool lol

Hachiko has waited his master right in front of Shibuya station every day, around 3pm. Even after his master's sudden death at his work, he has waited and waited for years believing his master would come back. (read more about him here and prepare a tissue)

Back in Shibuya, Hachiko’s statue has become the best-known landmark and meeting place in Shibuya, where everyday, hundreds of people sit and wait for their friends.

Picture lovers, you may view our Shibuya Photo slide HERE


  1. its a awesome place for visit i like this beautiful place.
    thanks for post it here.
    keep it up.

  2. di ko pa nakita ang movie, nagdownload ako...parang nakakaiyak naman ang synopsis:(

    thanks nga pala sa about SEO sis, yeak I will sa wp ko...same here wala na akong time mag-update talaga kahit man lang sa blog ni Hyzyd...i have so much to tell:(

    anyway, Anzu's doing well and so smart ha..she accomplished many things which Hyzyd haven't ventured yet specially in talking..he..he..natatawa ako kay Hyzyd bec. he masters few difficult words but won't really repeat words I taught him even simple ones, he'll just laugh at me and then I will show him Anzu's video talking...LOL! to each his own, ika nga, i'll just wait for my boy for his time:)

    Have a happy day with your sassy girl:)

  3. awwwwwww....look at your little behave.....thanks for sharing the pics....:)

  4. Andaming nyong lamyerda hehehe.. Love Anzy's pose hehehe..

  5. Mabuti naman,wala masyadong tao sa palibot ni hachiko.
    marami kasi dyan,tumatambay na nagtatabako.

  6. Ang cute ni Anzu dun sa kumakain sya.... parang gigil na gigil....

  7. Good mownin, nangungulit ulit hehehe.. Bams, can you pls email me Anzy's bday and yours too, nawala list ko wahh..

  8. magandang gabi sa iyo..i hope mapanood ko ang movie na iyan..

  9. It's nice that Anzu finally met Hachiko at Shibuya. The story of Hachiko further illustrates dogs' dogged loyalty and faithfulness to their masters. That Hachiko was made a national figure in Japan with a statue of him at the Shubuya rail station is a testament to his inspiring story of total dedication to his master. I can't wait to see the picture of his life story. Thanks for the moving post. God bless you all always.

  10. Maraming nagsasabing nakaka-iyak nga daw talaga ang movie na yan--haven't seen it yet though.for sure,babaha ng luha dito!!Love the photos--buti hinde masyadong napagod si Azumi chan sa dami ng tao?

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