The thing I miss most about my motherhood is nursing… It was such a wonderful experience for me.... the closeness, the bond, and the knowledge that I was doing the best that I could for her at the time, which somehow, now, it never seems like I can do enough for her...

I feel sorry for myself (and my lil girl) that I only could've nursed her for four months =( If given a choice, I would want to be an exclusive, long term breast feeder, as long as my baby wants to.. But the thing is, she kinda weaned herself when I only refused to feed her with my precious breastmilk for a day because I wasn't feeling well during that time.

I loved the time I was breastfeeding Azumi and I miss it (not to mention missing my fabulous breasts! lol)

Seriously, sometimes I miss breastfeeding... I miss the moments.. I miss my baby being a baby.. I think it's one of the essences of motherhood -- the principle of being able to think and give the best you can for your child, the love.

For future moms, I strongly recommend breastfeeding your baby for 101 or more reasons...

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One of the days when our starving bellies enticed us to give Mister Donut a visit which is just a five-minute walking distance from our house. It's been awhile..

I always love their Old Fashion Donuts and Hot Cafe Au Laite which is refillable...


I wished I ordered up a little medley of goods instead to take photos lol. DOnuts are more Japanese-ingy, less sweet, simpler and yet fabulous....

Mister Donut was one of my life saver in Japan lol! I used to collect points to get free gifts. That was the time when I wasn't a health conscious yet. I didn't care whether they are full of carbs, sugar, and oils. I eat 3-4 donuts in one sitting (what a pig!). However, having to go there and buy a box of Mister Donuts almost thrice a week made me sick of donuts for months.

BUT STILL, it's better than the other donut chains... Affordable and offers freebies whichc vary everymonth (or every season)

So if you get to visit here in Japan, you might want to take a break and have a coffee and delicious doughnut here at Mister DOnut..



Do pregnancy photos make you feel nostalgic? Well I DO.. I always get the feeling of nostalgia whenever I look at my 2008 Photos. Learning that we're pregnant was a good start to start the quarter of the year.

I actually took photos of ourselves almost everyday. Because everyday, we were having so much fun. We were excited. I AM EXCITED. We waited for this, and it was happening. I think that was the time I started to appreciate things more --small things, nature, everything--. I became sentimental. I got interested in scrapbooking, blogging and photography.

Anyway, this was one of my pregnancy pictorial lol.. We were on our 18th week.

All I remember is we were having so much fun. We laughed so hard. Perfect entry for Ate Rose's Nostalgia.. Honey was so funny...

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たたいま。。 I miss you my friends.

I've got load of stories to share but first, I'd like to share our most recent out of town get-away with Anzu's grandparents. It was actually our first time and it was long overdue. We planned to do it before japan's Golden Week to prevent the heavy traffic and overcrowded hotels and attractions. My In-Laws wanted to have an Onsen (Hot Spring) Relaxation so they chose an Onsen Hotel that serves a real delicious seafood course. We went to Chiba --one to 2 hour drive from our place.

The most excited of course is Me. I'm more excited for our little girl because it'd be another great experience and unforgettable adventure for her. She may never remember it but I definitely saved a lot of photos for her to look back in the future ... I also want to show you around Japan at the same time ...

So the first highlight during the trip was a mind-boggling experience of driving through the 10 km undersea tunnel which is actually running through the sea bottom of Tokyo bay called Tokyo BAY Aqua-Line and links western Tokyo and Yokohama with the southern end of the Chiba Peninsula. It was built to reduce traffic through the center of Tokyo that's why no wonder we were in Chiba in no time.

Isn't it amazing to think how Japanese genius Engineers could ever made a long tunnel High-way under the sea??? It's really impressive and I wonder why did I only realized it during that time. It was actually my 2nd time..

After the long tunnel, we stopped over at the famous Umi Hotaru which is literally means floating "fireflies". It is a the man-made-island where the bridge and tunnel meet

Turning around about 90 degrees from the first shot, you can actually see all that water surrounding the Umi-Hotaru island. I think this is where the tunnel high-way located.

The other bottom end of the man-made island..

I'm sharing the rest of our trip thru this slide show.. Please take your time and enjoy hihi...



Posting has been a little light lately (if you haven't notice). And for that I have many good excuses. Yeah I know, there you've hearing some bloggers who complain about not having enough time to post --well hear me out, im one of those. I have two (acceptable?) reasons for not posting more this past few weeks.

For one, my dear lil sissy is here in Japan and we've been going out more often than the usual.

Second, I feel very uninspired and uncreative lately. SO sure it has something to do with our busy days...

Last two weeks of April were kinda busy week for all of us.
  • Family dinners and get together on my side and honey's side. We went out of town with Anzu's Grandparents for the first time during the last week of April (26-27)
  • Dinner and Fun drinking with some friends (and mom's friends).
  • leisure time with my sissy (anzu's Aunt) almost everyday lol ( no wonder I gained so much weight)
And I think this month of MAY would be the busiest month ever. It's all about fun and outdoors. Our lil ANzu got a slight fever few days ago, a day after we had our Picnik at Showa Kinnen. So glad she's ok now, thank God.

There are so many events this coming days --yours truly's birthday, bbq at the river, amusement parks, flea market, etc... I always love my birthday month, it's all about fun but this time, it's more of a wholesome fun.

So many things to share, so little time...

Day 116 of 2010's ( Monday, Apr 26)

Anzu with her grandparents during our stopover at Umihotaru ( will post more next time )

Day 117 of 2010's ( Tuesday, Apr 27)

A little sea viewing during our 2nd day at Chiba, Japan... on our way home to Tokyo...

Day 118 of 2010's ( Wednesday, Apr 28)

With Anzu's bff, Miki Chan. Both a cutie =)

Day 119 of 2010's ( Thurs, Apr 29)

During our Yakiniku dinner... my gosh Anzu kept on smiling and saying "Hi" to the cute boy next to our table.. bata pa lang si baby, flirty na lol. Anzu was just being friendly anyway (but extra friendly with this boy lol)

Day 120 of 2010's ( Fri, Apr 30)

on a bed of balls lol

Have a nice day


I always feel blessed and honored whenever I receive awards from my blogger friends. The thought of being remembered is something..

Thank You so much
Ate Rose of Nostalgic Marveling


Sisterhood Award from

Tatess of Blog and Me
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Gizelle of Mirage

I would like to share this precious Awards to my fellow momma bloggers on my bloglist and To BC BLOGGERS 2 Links.. Please grab this anytime =)


The months just keep on flying by ....

Happy 19 months old AZUMI!

There were many moments throughout 19 months when at the end of the day, I was thinking that being a mom to Azumi is the biggest, funniest, scariest, most challenging, most important, most fulfilling and the best job I've ever had. Seeing her being loved by the people surrounds us makes all the hard work of motherhood into perspective. I must say that I'm proud that I gave my full time of taking care of her. I'm glad to spend my days with her. I feel honored and blessed to help her chub up and watch her grow.

Can anyone tell me how to slow down our babies' growing up process?

I know almost all mothers out there feels exactly the same as mine. Some don't have a choice but to work at the same time but still, they manage to balance work and home life. Some may even work abroad to provide a better future for their family. Those sacrifices are indeed something admirable.

Cheers to us all mothers Let's enjoy and be proud of our awesome motherness.

Happy Mother’s Day to the wonderful moms I love and to all of you!


I'm often strucked by Meals for Kids offered by various restaurants here in Japan. Family Restaurants and Kids-friendly restaurants usually have "okosama-ranchi (お子様ランチ)" , a japanese version for Kids' Menu.They are basically the same food, but with smaller portions.

Small portions of various dishes that kids would like. The plate is designed for them to enjoy. They look so cute and yummy that I've always wanted to have one. The rice is usually placed in a mountain shape and has a flag on top. Menus seem to be more healthy than for example a Happy Meal (mcdo).. So sad I'm too old to order one

Such a fun meal for kids, especially for my lil kawaii prinsesa


ALso sharing this to...

check it out for more food trippers