The good idea of healthy eating as what most of us think is --eating fruits and vegetables and not too much fat and sugar. Wouldn't it be great if our kids grow up loving fruits and veggies and anything that is healthy and nutritious?

Well here are some of the healthy foods I prepared for my lil girl recently... Mango was included in the menu for the whole week. I was surprised when Hubs came home with a box of sweet mangoes.. They were indeed sweet..

When we (parents) prepare healthy meals for our kids, we are helping them to develop the right habits that will allow them to grow up not only eating, but enjoying all types of healthy and nutritious foods. The foods need to be appealing to entice our kids to eat them. Most of the MOMs living in Japan do spend much effort when it comes to their kids' foods. Maybe you're already familiar with Japanese Bentos , as like what Ate Clang's prepare for her pretty girls. Those are lunchboxes though, they are usually creatively and playfully prepared that kids would love.

Preparing baby food is however much easier, efficient, and more economical. All you need is to be creative with the small portions.

When I was a little girl I hated vegetables. Mom was so tough on me that she forces me to eat them. If I didn’t eat the thing, I wasn't allowed to leave the table. Dad was always easy on me. He lets me eat my favorite foods, as long as I eat well. Looking back, I'm thinking, maybe Mom did the usual way different way from what I have been doing with my little girl . Nonetheless, only now that I appreciate and realized why did she ever wanted me to love vegetables when I was a kid .

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  • 6.25.2010

    How did our father's day went through?

    Usually, honeyb gets up first in the morning. Me and my dolly got up together, went downstairs with a "Happy Father's Day" Banner wrote by Anzu with my help of course, then greeted him a "Happy Father's Day" while Anzu was holding the banner. SO funny how she said it. Anzu is really good in repeating whatever I ask her to say. She did it with a funny gesture.

    We snuggled for awhile then I cooked a delicious breakfast. I sent a lovely text message to my Dad ( I miss him ). We just kind of hung out around the house. Anzu wouldn't sleep for afternoon nap so we went out and drove around, had our drive thru foods when she fell asleep in the car. We headed to the park when she woke up, then a little shopping at the grocery and went home.

    We celebrated the Father's Day in simple way but fun. I wish I could've done more. It's so nice to get to know my hubby in a whole new way everysince he became a father. Wishing for a good health and stress-free life to him, who is a fabulous daddy to a little girl who loves him a lot.

    mommy moments


    I am an avid moviegoer, i mean I used to be. During my college days, my girlfriends and I would sometimes cut class just to catch the last full show. I miss those crazy and yet fun times with my forever Bff.

    When I got here, I still watch movies with Mom or with some friends from work. When there's no one available to be with me, I watch alone. Tickets here are quite expensive but for me, nothing compares to the sound effect heard on cinemas, it makes any movie more fantastic and entertaining.

    Anyway, eventually, I found a movie buddy when I met my honeyb who wasn't really much of a movie goer ---can't he say NO to me?!

    I can't remember how many movies we already watched together. Even when I got pregnant, we still go out for last full shows almost every friday (when there's a good movie showing) Friday is Couple's Day, cheaper tickets for couples.

    This is our last Purikura taken on our last movie date together. We usually go to Amusement Game Centers before/after the movie to take Purikura Shots.
    I was 40 weeks pregnant. Just 4 days before I gave birth.

    OH I miss my movie buddy =( Things have changed. We prefer to rent DVD and watch at home because of our lil Patootee..



    Last month, Anzu had her first step in the city of Shibuya where there is always huge crowd especially on weekends. Literally hundreds of people pouring in the streets like ants (or a people power in Edsa lol) when the pedestrian lights turn GREEN. It is said to be that SHibuya has "The busiest crossing in the world" and I think it has largest intersection in the world (im not sure yet)

    Usually I don't bring ANzu to the main cities alone because of the crowd but since my sister, cousin, and nephew were coming, so lucky her she was tagged along to the famous Shibuya for the first time and there she met Hachiko

    Hachikô is a famous dog here in Japan. Behind this statue is a great true story of loyalty and unconditional love. He has inspired a nation during his lifetime and currently inspiring the world now that his true story was has a re-make english version “Hachiko, a Dog’s Story” starring Richard Gere. Personally, I think the original version is more depressing although I haven't seen the whole yet, only some clips which actually made me cry like a fool lol

    Hachiko has waited his master right in front of Shibuya station every day, around 3pm. Even after his master's sudden death at his work, he has waited and waited for years believing his master would come back. (read more about him here and prepare a tissue)

    Back in Shibuya, Hachiko’s statue has become the best-known landmark and meeting place in Shibuya, where everyday, hundreds of people sit and wait for their friends.

    Picture lovers, you may view our Shibuya Photo slide HERE


    Last week (6/11) we drove to the other side of Yokohama, which is rather a more quiet city than the other cities of Yokohama that we often go -almost 2 hours away from Tokyo. We stayed there to celebrate our 3rd year Anniversary, and visit the illustrious "Aqua Museum", the Hakkeijima Sea Paradise, on the next day.

    As expected, we had a fun-filled day, especially the little Girl whom didn't want to be held most of the time (imagine how much calories I lost). I couldn't even take a decent photo of her coz she was busy looking around the different kinds of Sea Animals.

    It was actually my second time to visit this paradise. I was surprised coz it did changed a lot after 7 years. Much bigger and more attractions that kids and even adults would love. There were less crowd so the entrance lines for attractions were incredibly short.

    I think this is the perfect place for a nice and relaxing date with (a) loveone(s) or a family day on a weekend (if you're into Nature) .


    For me, Azumi is lucky to have the best dad in the world because he loves us all so much. He is a nurterer, sweet, and a role model. He provides for our family so I can stay home and take care of our girl while he's at work. He has always been an active part of his daughter's life. He puts the family first, take us out almost everyweek, and loves us all to pieces, including my extended family.

    Every Dad is the best father to his children.

    Father's Day Comments from Dolliecrave.com
    Sir Mel, Mr. Joops,
    all Dads who are reading this, and to your loving husband and father

    mommy moments


    May 13, 2008

    This was my first birthday celebration that celebrated the simplest way, no party nor guests. Although my thoughtful and loving Mom brought me a cake because I have to blow and make a wish no matter what. It was my first birthday of being pregnant anyway

    Ok we had a little unplanned celebration during lunch with my mom and my brother.

    I miss those times when I was still living with them.. I miss talking to mom about anything during bedtime. I miss my sweet, cute, naughty and funny brother who always make me laugh. Oh well, he's a big boy now and kinda sort of "suplado" and doesn't want me to join in his own world lol ---

    Getting ready for our birthday dinner date, just the two of us, my honeyb

    We decided to celebrate my birthday, and motherhood at the same time, just the two of us, for a change. Because I wanted it to be romantic, like the way we were when we were still dating. We had a romantic dinner, went to game center and had this Purikura..

    and then stayed in a Love Hotel overnight...

    sorry i have to pixelate the lower part because this blog is GP heheh

    19 weeks Pregnant
    May 13, 2008

    WELL, I LOVE BEING PREGNANT... There is absolutely miraculous about creating and carrying a life around inside you. Being pregnant and giving birth are definitely the most profound and fascinating experiences I've ever had and I love every minute of it.


    Happy 20 months to our little kawaii princess Azumi.

    It has taken me almost a week to write something about your 20th month because we were busy bees this week.. I would never want to miss writing a monthly sentiments for you and our readers to read on. OH TWENTY.. 4 months to go before your big day. Daddy (and momma too) is working hard on gearing your 2nd birthday in the Philippines, details are sealed yet

    Azumi is always up to all kinds of fun. Yeah I always say this almost every month but last month was yet the best, and the busiest month so far. With her Tita Nix around, I am trying hard to keep up but sadly, I've never been good with time management. I had so much things to share but time is so little for me. The last two months were full of fun experiences and advantures, milestones and accomplishments, both big and small.

    creambunny_love.gif image by bams704 She's always tagged in every where we go -shopping, karaoke, Shibuya, Shinjyuku, Yokohama, Tachikawa, BBQ, etc.

    creambunny_love.gif image by bams704 She perfectly knows ABC already, with sounds and every word in each letter. She can recognize them too. Can't wait to share those video clips...

    creambunny_love.gif image by bams704 She can count 1-13 then skips to 15 and 20. I'm so proud of her and myself.

    creambunny_love.gif image by bams704 Successful potty train, but still with diaper though. Getting ready for diaper free before she turns 2, hopefully.

    creambunny_love.gif image by bams704 She always want to eat by herself, and it's not as messy as before.

    creambunny_love.gif image by bams704 She's like Kris Aquino that is so talkative. It's cool that she begun to repeat everything we say that might be dangerous but it's cute lol. She actually use a lot of real words and pretty much haven’t stopped. I read somewhere that toddlers generally learn about 10 words to their vocabulary every day. I wouldn't be surprised if one of these days she can talk in a complete sentence. Just wondering if it would be english, or japanese, or japanenglish. I'm working hard for her to be a multi-lingual kid.

    creambunny_love.gif image by bams704 and many more..

    Here’s to many more fun, bonding, laughs and learning adventures!


    It's always a HAPPY BATH TIME for the three of us, sometimes only me and my lil girl. We do this before bedtime so that our little would have a good night sleep which really works. She rarely had trouble falling and staying asleep at night since she was a baby.

    Plus it's good to have skin on skin moment for mommy or daddy and baby because it is beneficial to their development.

    I usually rinse ahead while she and her dad would bond and play at the hot tub while I am getting ready to put her to shower and wash.. It's been awhile since the last time we bathe together because it's almost summer here, it's too hot for a hot bath.

    I love this photo.. She didn't want to stop yet, so the camera man in me took photos of ourselves while on a Happy Bath...

    Taken Feb 10, 2010

    Now, I'm looking forward to have her first real Pool Experience, hopefully next month.

    to our dear host and friend, Ate Rose



    This is our Azumi's first 4d Ultrasound Shot during our 30 weeks.

    It was really a wonderful experience to see your baby moves in your own stomach. So glad that my doctor does 2d-3d sonogram in every check up and he would schedule us for 4d if we want to but with extra charge.

    I get why people would want to see more. It's just so tempting to be able to see him early! :) We were one of those first time parents who were antsy pantsy tunnel vision impatient to see their lovechild before she'll be delivered lol.

    It was amazing and totally worth it. It made us more excited to anticipate the big day (my delivery)

    If you're thinking of having 3D/4D ultrasound, make sure you get them within a recommended time frame. Many suggested around 28 weeks when baby is big enough to see without being scrunched.

    Look or ask around if there are hospitals or Ultrasound Centers
    that offer different services and packages for expecting parents. I was supposed to get mine at In My Womb when I had a month vacation in the Philippines because their packages are quite tempting, and I heard alot of positive feedbacks about the staff, technician and the doctors.

    join us and share your nostalgic photos every thurs. Click here


    My oldies here have been telling me to start potty training Azumi since she turned 18 months(she's now 19)... I do but not that serious. I'm not actually ready yet lol.

    Most Japanese start potty training their babies as early as 6 months and most of them are diaper free at the age of 2 --wow.

    I don't want to pressure myself and my toddler. She seems at least close to ready though that I let her on her own. Potty training varies on your own personal methods and your own beliefs anyway.

    My personal way is letting her know first the difference between poopoo and weewee. WHen she pooped, I tell her in an exaggerated way ---saying "PooPoo...!!! smells bad" along with an equally exaggerated facial expression, then I tell her to sit on her potty (for not more than 1 min) and wash... I figure if she knows what poopoo is and why I let her sit on the potty, then she would eventually figure out where she should poop.

    Soon enough, she tells us when she pooped and peed on her diaper. I just couldn't try to start taking her diaper off yet..

    Sometimes, she follows me in our Comfort Room and I let her watch and learn lol

    ANd guess what, I think I succeeded because just a few weeks ago, she started to get inside her little house whenever nature calls. I guess she thinks of it as her own Comfort Room. It was funny at first coz all of a sudden, the room was so quiet. I thought it was coincidence at the same time but she did again the following days. Just don't try to peek her coz she would stop lol.

    If there is so called Comfort Room, my lil kawaii prinsesa has a Comfort Zone =)

    Today (June 1, tuesday), my little girl made me proud again because she pooped on her potty by herself while I was cooking for dinner. That was a big milestone for me that's why I'm so excited to start writing down about my lil girl's Potty Training.


    We're getting there... Patience and persistance is the key... But honestly, I'm not that persistent although I'll be (and should be because of persistent advices from my oldies) now that my baby has seriously showed me her interest on Potty Train. Slowly but surely =)

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