3 mos & A week

My loves... Honey & Baby ANzu. Sorry about my honey wearing mask. He's not feeling well, and afraid he might carry a virus to our lil girl. You know, it's winter here in Japan, so we have to be careful. A virus could be flying anywhere because it's cold. Well anyway, let's talk about Anzu being 3 months and a week.

Just when she was about going to 3 months, she could raise her feet like this..

She really enjoys waving her hands while pumping feet during active hours
Her kicks are getting stronger. Her hands are trying to reach for something, but she still can't. ALthough she can now hold her toy for secs. SHe loves it when I put her toy near her and tries to reach for it... and when she's holding something, she puts it right away to her mouth She also loves sucking her fingers.

Baby we love so much. You never failed to make us smile whenever we see or even just think about you.


  1. hi cute baby's mother.. azumi is really cute..good to start a blog for her..when she is older, she will treasure this very much..

  2. you have an adorable baby..I remember those times..Now, my youngest will turn 2 in no time..Enjoy being a mom..it's priceless.

  3. ang kawaii2x na ni baby anzu lalo na kapag nka smile sa video.. sarap ikiss! yakang2x na iraise yung mga cute little feet oh! good job baby anzu! ^^


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