happy 100th day Anzu

Azumi has just turned 100 days yesterday, January 16. In Japan, a baby celebrates a ceremony called Okuizume which literally means first meal of one's life. It is from the old belief that when a baby has been given a food during her 100th day, 110th day, or 120th day after birth, will not be having a shortage of food all throughout his/her life. A tradition that symbolizes the first formal meal of the baby. Of course, a baby cannot actually eat a meal yet, but let her pretend eating the first time, wishing her not to suffer from lack of food throughout her life.

Usually, the meal is prepared consists of a Miso soup, a whole fish, red bean rice, and a smooth white rock symbolizing healthy teeth. Parents or whoever, put the foods to the baby's mouth and moisten her lips with the soup.

Unfortunately, we did something different. Anzu's grannies were supposed to come over to our house and do the ritual, but her grandmom wasn't feeling because of colds, so we just did it the 3 of us. We can formally do it naman on her 110th or 120th.

Taken yesterday Jan 16

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Dhadha & Baby Kimy said... [Reply to comment]

Happy 100th day Baby Azumi! Ganyan pala tradition dyan.. Ang saya naman.. Naku if alam ko lang ang ganyang tradition, mag cecelebrate din kami.. Hahaha! lalong gumaganda na si Azumi! Yeey! ^^

Clarissa said... [Reply to comment]

Happy 100th day lil' Azumi!What a cutie!!\(^0^)/

Grace said... [Reply to comment]

i love to watch your baby sana nga masundan na ulit baby ko hehe

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