Azumi not feeling well

Our baby is not feeling well :(
She has colds and cough since yesterday. I'm so worried and I pity her everytime she coughs. BUt Anzu is strong, she still can smile and laugh, as if she's ok. The only thing she gets annoyed is whenever I vacuum her nose. Im glad there's a such thing as Nose Vacuum here, it really helps her breath normally.

Awhile ago, we went to a Pediatrician Clinic. It was her first time and I'm glad she was cooperative. She didn't cry.

I'll be more careful now, especially during winter.

Ganun pala feeling being a MOm, konting sakit lang, di na mapakali.. I tend to forget she's sick whenever she smiles, pero back to being worried naman when she coughs.

It's always better to bring your baby to a Pediatrician immediately before something becomes worse.
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