Happy 3 months Baby

OH MY... it's been 3 months already,?... my baby is growing. She already weighs about 6 kilos =( Im happy but lil sad... I'll surely gonna miss her baby days. Before we know it, she's going to school already huhuh.. lol

Well of course I'm happy. I've seen her grow up this whole 3 months. We're together 24/7 (although sometimes I go out for shopping ). I see the changes that sometimes amaze us. I'm the one who see almost All her "first"...

It's easier to take care of her now than the previous months. That's because we're already adjusted as parents perhaps. She can able lift up her neck even for short time which is why Im no longer having difficulties on burping her.. SHe burps like a man hehe, so loud. She can even raise up her head while lying on her stomach. She's so kawaii

She sleeps longer than when she was 2 months =) Straight 7-8 hours. ALthough sometimes wakes up for a lil feeding, I give her 50ml milk or breastfeed,then falls back to sleep right away.

And when she wakes up, you'll surely see her gummy grinny biggy smile =) That's why my camera is always besides me. I just love capturing her first smile in the morning. She gives positive energy to our house especially to her Dad. A very good thing to start a day. She's really our bundle of Joy

She smiles alot especially when you eye contact with her, or just simply talk while looking at her.. Just lately, she can LOL, as in laugh outloud. Sign of being a cheerful baby. I think this month our house will be filled with laughters. She's beginning to respond with a loud voice like "oku---"---"yaaaaaaaaaaa"- then laugh. Seeing her like that takes our breath away. I tend to forget all my problems...

Another, she bagan to suck her fingers occassionally.

Im so happy although sometimes I feel so sad because my loveones in the Philippines especially my Dad who really wanted to see his first grand child, cannot see her progressions =( That's why all I do is capturing her every time. As you can see, I do movies, I take a looots of pictures... looks like an obsession, but it's just my only medium to show her to our loveones around the world especially in the Philippines.

She loves being shot by a camera. I just say "smile babyyyyyyyyy" then gives a big smile.

She's really my baby, the little Bambita. (coz there's already Bambie Jr..

. hehe...)

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