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Weeee.. I captured my baby laughing outloud last night.. Her Daddy was changing her diaper coz she poopooed, so I said "baho!..." (smells bad..) then began to laugh. I was also chatting my sissy, Nikka that's why I said "nikka baho.."

I just love her laughing like that.. my heart also screams

1 / 27 / 2009


  1. hahahahah funnny azumi!!

  2. so cuteeee.... and so sweet of u mommy..

  3. OMG! parehong pareho ng laugh ng baby ko ang baby mo! kakatuwa naman! pag may extra time upload ko rin sa site ko para makita mo kung gano talaga kapareho! i'll add you to my baby's blog ha? TC!

  4. i laughed when i saw her laughing in her video too! hope you can blog soon too azumi! stay sweet for mom and dad! hugs!

  5. Hi thanks for visiting my baby site, anyway I will add your shortly stay tuned!

  6. "Hi girl already added you to all my blog, please check it out! I added you to:"",, and please add them too thanks"

  7. kakatuwa! kulet ng tawa nia :D


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