Happy 6 Months Baby [+ mommy moments]

Where have the days gone my precious Baby Anzu?
It seems like just yesterday in the delivery room
With one final push you emerged from my womb
I struggle to recall the exact words I said
As they handed you to me, 3,080 grams of perfection

I thanked God and His angels for your gentle protection
Looking at you now, twice as that size
People think you look like your dad,
They just don't know,
you look exactly like me when I was a baby

You've learned how to laugh and babble
You can even now play alone with your hanging toys
Giggles when something amuses you
You learned to roll over and wiggling around
Reaching for every objects near to you

Each day is more beautiful than I could ever have planned
With each sunrise and sunset you grow a little more
I am a witness to a miracle each time I see your face
You will own my heart forever my dearest lil dollie Azumi

Reblog: 4/10/2009

mommy moments

I might as well reblog this entry to add for this week's Mommy Moments: Kids in Costume ('-'*)ヨロシク♪

I love dressing up my dollie baby. She had wore a Pink Hello Kitty costume during 1st Month Day. A Santa Mickey Mouse last Christmas. Red Hello Kitty costume on her 3rd Month Day

And now, An Orange (or POnkan) on her 6th MOnth Day last wednesday, April 8 ♪(゚▽^*)ノ⌒☆

More costume linkies HERE. See yah around **HUGS**
.. U\(●~▽~●)Уイェーイ!


  1. As I was reading your post,I feel the same way,too!ang sarap talagang maging mommy!!\(^0^)/

  2. her smile distract the cuteness of her costume! :)

  3. that's lovely :)

    thanks for dropping by!

  4. It's so nice to dress up our kids, savor the moments.... my kids are quite old for costumes however I still managed to find some old photos.

  5. AZUMI is so adorable!!!!kahit ano icostume mo sa kanya CUTE pa rin sya!!!!!! have a good weekend Mum Bambi mine is here http://whenmomtalks.com

  6. I like the hello kitty costume Mommy. And we should cherish every moment with our little ones. They grow up fast! have a nice day!

  7. Oh so adorable..Happy 6months. Thank you for peeking my entry. Have a Good Friday.

  8. Bam, super sarap naman bihisan ni Anzu e! Always smiling and very adorable indeed! :)

  9. She's cuter than Hello Kitty! Azumi reminds me of my nephew, sarap pisilin ang cheeks.

  10. Happy 6th Month to Anzu! Oh what a cute and happy kid!

    Mine is up here: Earthlingorgeous.com

  11. A great post that go with great pictures! A very happy baby, I love her smile!

  12. wow, smiling face ang baby mo, she's too cute :) I can't wait for my baby girl to grow up din so that I can start dressing her LOL!

  13. wow congrats to you mommy! you have such wonderful baby! may she grow healthy and pretty like you =) marami ka pang aabanagn sa paglaki nya and tuluu pa ang pag surprise nya sayu sa mga tricks and development na nde mo inaasahan =) goodluckj and Godbless! cute ng costume nya hehe =) i love it! bili mo dn ako costume dyan ahahha =) mine is here - http://ishiethan.blogspot.com/2009/04/mommy-moments-14-kids-in-costume.html

  14. happy 6 months old Baby Anzu. Time really flies that our baby will get bigger in every single second. Anyways, thanks for dropping by at my site and for leaving comments, too.
    Have a nice weekend in there with your family. God bless! Hugs to Baby Anzu.. she really is so beautiful!

  15. Cherish those moments talaga, time flies so fast and before you know it, your baby is big already. :)

    Happy Easter!

  16. those pictures are adorable ;-) happy 6 months anzu!

  17. ang cute ni Anzu, love na love tlaga sa Japan ang Hello Kitty no? Mickey Mouse daw siya ng Japan e. Icon na talaga. Pag laki laki pa ni Baby Anzu nku tiyak ko mas madaming costume ipapasuot mo! :)

  18. aw i love how u write this one.. so motherly!!!

    cutie ni anzu!! happy 6 months baby!!

  19. Oh, so cute and adorable.


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