Mommy First Baby Bath

Yipee.. I did it. We had our first baby bath together, without her Daddy's support (^○^)/ ヤッホ It was my first time ever to take our baby bath alone. Usually, Me and HUbby do it together. He prepares the bathroom, make it warmer, her tub, while I prepare the make up room, her clothes. Then during bath time, Im in charge with soapings and washing, and hubby is the holding one her when rinsing. He covers her ears with his big hands. BUt lately, it just doesnt fit coz our baby has grown a lil bigger (⌒∇⌒)ノフリフリ

OH well, I have to do it alone coz her Dad went to Okinawa last Thursday, not for leisure but has something to do with his future business. He'll be home tonight (^—^) ニコリ Geesh, we missed him. It's so much different when her Daddy is around. It was just the two of us for five days. But of course, my mom who lives a block away came here once and had dinner with us. My Mom's MIL, whom we call Okasan, who also lives nearby, calls me once in awhile to check which I really appreciate. She's like a real grandma to me, and also a great grandma to Anzu. Too bad, she's having a hard time to walk due to backpains (>_<). She loves walking. She usually stops by to our place with her toy poodle dog whenever they have a walk. I go to her house whenever I can to visit and help on her chores at the same time. She's old but happy. I could learn alot from her, how to be a good mom and wife in the japanese way... hmm Maybe we could talk about more of her and those things next time ( ´^ー^`)ニヤァリ

Look at that gummy grinny smile ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ わはは. As you can see, she loves water. She enjoys splashing and shouting in her lil bath tub. The warm weather is always a big help. I think I couldn't do it if it's cold...

For mom-to-be s, goodluck. It could be fun and a great bonding time ヾ(@⌒▽⌒@)ノワーイ!

Maybe it's easier to handle babies over 6 months because they are not as delicate as the newborn babies. They know how to enjoy the running water. Makes the nervous Mom calm, and enjoy at the same time.

For Moms, how was your first baby bath with your lovely babies?

☆⌒(*^-゚)ノ~♪see you again♪~ヾ(゚-^*)⌒☆


  1. this is a true mommy moment !! heheheh

    congrats mommy for another milestone.

  2. wow congratulations mommy =) ang hirap magpaligo ng super active na baby ha =) egegege ako nmn lagi ko kasama mama ko or hubby pag weekened heheh =)

    re: costume size ng anak ko is medium lng for their age na 3 years old and 2 years peterpan b dyan at tinkerbel? hehehe how much pag nag shopping ka bgyan mo ko price heheheh =) thnks =)

  3. hi ulit =)nga pla d b mahilig k dn mag digiscrapping? san k nagpapa print ng photobook? reg k n sa artscow ha =) use my referla id eheheh =) visit mo mnsan yung post ko bout artscow or tel me yung email mo invite kita =) thnks!

  4. Wow!!great job,Bambie!!Ganyan din ako nung nag -otomari ang asawa ko!I have to do it by myself--buti na lang at apartment, sabay takbo agad sa room even without towel for myself bastat meron sa baby!lol!

  5. hi dito na lng din ako reply ehheeh =) o cge by chance if meron cge basta mura shipping hehehe =) at mura ng costume kasi kung mahal cant afford ehehe =) nweis thnks pa dn, cge kuahnan ko kapag nakuha ko n photobook heheh =) excited n ko eh..nag email kagabi na na ship na p[ero 8-10 days pa antyin ko =)

  6. awww so sweet...the tub too. Hello Kitty!

  7. haha she's such a cutie papisil nga ng pisngi kunti baby

  8. wow, she looks like she's having a lot of fun with mommy! ;-) these are truly precious bonding moments. have a good weekend!


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