I'm Yours [anz' music vid]

It's been awhile since the last time I made a music video of my baby . My dad was asking me to send them another DVD of Anzu... and when I checked my external HD, I havent done anything

SO here, I made a MTV of ANzu's 5th month random photos... Watch and enjoy the music


  1. Ang galing naman ng vids mo--pano mo ginawa yun?Thanks for sharing,I really enjoyed them!

    hoisst!!pareho pa tayo ng futon cover!Nittori?

  2. hi bambi-chan!! genki?? anzu sugoi kawaii ne :) kakagigil si dolly mo!! saan ka pala sa japan????

  3. Ang cute naman nang baby mo. kakagigil ang cheeks nya

  4. nice video sis. cute pics!
    your baby is so adorable :)
    i also like that song of Jason Mraz.

  5. I enjoyed the video. Wow, your daughter is so adorable. what a lucky bebe huh? With all the love and attention from her parents, especially from her devoted mother. I love posting about kids, only show how much they are being loved and cared for.

    Motherhood is not an easy job, but it's rewarding when you see your kids smile and tell you how much they love you and that you are the bestest mom ever, the best cooker and that you are their best friend, though sometimes, they will tell you also that they don't like you anymore once they got scolded. But, still..you love them to death regardless....

    Have a great day with your family...

  6. hi mommy ganda, pareho kami ni aling clarissa ng tanong sayo..di rin kase ako marunong ng ganyan na pix tas may music...minsan e ipaliwanag mo nga ha..nag utos pa ano? kaloka naman

  7. hi! thnks for the visit...actually dami ng nag papa gawa ng photobook dito...mahal! =) kaya pede ko n ibusiness same price kaso matagal bago nila makuha ahaha =) sakin ala pa e...sa katapusan cguro =) ipost ko pag dating...d n nga ko mag kandaugaga sa pag hintay eh! lam mo naka invite ako ng 14 friends kaya me free akongisang 8*8 39 pages eheheh =)

  8. Hi Anzu's Mum! :) Your daughter looks like you. Ang cute and ang puti! 5 months na pala sya, pero ang laki nya ha.. I mean, chubby and healthy

  9. i love the music on the video bam. I used to make video kaso hindi na gumagana ang movie maker ko huhuhu. baby anzu is lucky to have parents who has a lot of patient :)

  10. aw so cutie ng baby mo manang mana sayu ehehe =)
    here's an award for you - http://ishiethan.blogspot.com/2009/04/2009-friendship-and-blogger-award.html


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