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After I watched my pretty ol buddy's Baby Klara's clip the other day, I began to test my baby's recognition skills by showing her certain images of an animal and ask her which is which. To my surprise, she could really point the right answer to my question. I didn't expected her to respond so quickly because that was the first time I attempted to ask her which one is this and that.

watch!! it could be entertaining =)

I never thought that babies could actually have high capacity to recognize or learn to read as early as 3 months. Thee are lots of video clips in you tube where you can see babies as early as 7 months are actually reading. It's really amazing.

Let's start encouraging our babies to study. It could be fun as long as you combine patience, love, and being just like a kid at the same time. My hubby and I enjoy teaching while playing with our dollie princess. It's like we are all playmates

It is clear that the best time, and the most natural time, to teach language skills is during infancy. Knowing this, I believe we should not withhold written language from babies and toddlers. Soon, it will be considered quite normal to see a baby reading in the home or on the national news–all the better for them and the society they will one day help to shape. –Dr. Robert C. Titzer

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  1. Very smart and clever Anzu!!Mana sa Mommy!!\(^0^)/

  2. hi galing nmnni baby ehehe =) parang nahirapan nga lng ako sa position nya sa pag upo...did you do that on purpose? ehehe =) or mali lnga ko ng tingin heheeh =) yeah pede mo use mga coupons...gamitin mo sayang laki dn discount hehehe =) tinapos ko na yan para tlga makita ko n ang kinalabasan...pero me isangblogger kasi n ilang beses n nag[a print eh =) tuwang tuwa sya so probably maganda tlga sya and mura =) grabe!!! ehehehe =) grab k ng coupons ha..sayang member ka na...gamitin mo sana referal id ko ehehe =) thnks!

  3. hahaha napagod si anzu, she's a very smart princess.. keep it going mommy..

  4. yeah, that's the perfect age to start teaching your baby..

  5. Very good indeed! But Mommies could be too persistent sometimes! Bwahahahahhahahaha! 'Di ko alam kung maaawa ako sa anak mo o matatawa ako sayo e!

  6. wow! may napanood nga ako na tinuturuan na magbasa as early as 3months. pwede bang mag sit-in anak ko sa class nyo ni Anzu? hihi. makulit kase si yz eh. bilis ma-bored hehe.


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