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Hello Mommies and dearies (^○^)/ ヤッホー. It's already spring time over here in the land of the rising sun. Geesh, i love the smell of the spring breeze, i missed it.

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Thinking about this week's Mommy Moment's Theme, I have alot of "special days of my baby" in mind that I would like to share eversince she came to our life only few months ago. As being a camera whore, and a first time Mummy, every single day, every "first things" she does, every birthday monthsaries, milestones, even her 100th day were absolutely documented. Coz for me, those are special days. Eversince she was born, I already stopped being the subject of a photo and started being the photographer. I just love capturing her photos and clips. Maybe because, I didn't have much photos of myself when I was a baby.

Anyhow, I'd rather share these photos which were taken on November 8, 2008 when we celebrated her First Month. I think it was the most special (atleast for me) because it was our very first time to celebrate something special about our baby. That was also the time that I so strongly felt the extreme overjoy of having a family to love and take care for the rest of my life.

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see you again!(*^-')/~☆Bye-Bye♪


  1. talagang very mommy and daddy so proud parent for azumi

  2. cute baby! :) and that cake looks yum :P

  3. wow, pati 100th day nacheck mo, you're one proud and loving mom!

  4. wow kakaiba angnaisip mong special day ehhehe =) salamat sa dalaw....=) add n kita add mo dn ang sa baby ko


  5. Ang bilis ng panahon noh, six month na agad princess mo.. Next thing you know she's running around and talking to u already... and making kulit of course hahaha..

  6. Hi there pretty mommy! you know what I think you're not in my bloglist, i'll add you right now. I like the fact that new moms celebrate their firsts with their little ones. It gave a new idea for my next child ;)

  7. hello! this is truly a special moment! every first is a milestone we moms really cherish! :)
    thanks for sharing with us this week at mommy moments!!

  8. talagang mommy na mommy tayo bam ah heheh

  9. Tayong mga mommy eh kahit anong araw ay special basta para sa mga anak natin!Ang bilis nilang lumaki!!\(^0^)/

  10. You and Anzu have very pretty angles too! The cake looks yummy fit for your little princess. ooops! Di pa pala siya pwede. :)

  11. wow, i'm loving the strawberry cake ;-)


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