My babe's first Outdoor Trip

Hello dearies, it's been awhile again (as always) It's always been a busy week eversince my dear sissy came here 5 weeks ago. She'll be back home na next week huhuhu... wala nako babysitter kidding aside.. we'll surely gonna miss her especially me. We have this special bond kasi eh ..

Oh well I just wanna share a music video (again) of our outdoor trip with our loveones here in Japan last week (may 16-17). This time, I produced it with I love it

Enjoy the music vid...

It was a real 2-day-fun trip not only because we were with our loveones, but also the places we've been were so incredibly satisfying... the accomodation, services, food, ambiences, and the weather (although medyo umulan ng konti on the second day...) So glad our baby didn't gave us a hard time especially during the long drive... cooperative and naki-enjoy talaga sya from the start she just slept and play naman while awake.. Good Girl!

This was her first ever nature outdoor trip

Pics from my multiply ==>Day 1 pics


  1. di ko ma view ang music video mo pero ganun pa man ay alam ko na nag enjoy kayo during that time..ingat lagi mommy ganda at basta eenjoy mo lang ang pagiging mommy kahit wala kang baby sitter...

  2. hahahaahaa!!nag-enjoy ako sa video clips mo!!ang kulet eh noh?!!\(^0^)/ I'm sure super saya nyo talaga sa outing nyo!!

  3. wow nature trekking... pakurot nga sa cheeks ni cutie hehehe

  4. Precious pic of your bb's first outdoor trip.
    I see there is sort of a chalet. You rented a place to stay is it? :)

  5. Anzu's growing up so fast and she's so beautiful sis!!!!! Miss you na!!!!

  6. Love the pics mommy. tagal ka na ba nanirahan jan sa Japan?
    Ang cute ng baby mo. She got her beautiful looks from her mommy talaga...

  7. hi! thanks for visiting and appreciating my digiscrap =0

  8. my parents-in-law are particular about bring baby out as worry they get germs and sick. I think they are just caring and conservative

  9. I have an award for you mommy...

  10. Hi...i have an award for you for having such a LOVELY BLOG. Hope you like it...

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