Flashcards for my lil girl


I came across this one during our so-called "leisure walk" (window shopping), it's cute and colorful that's why it caught my attention lol..

Babies love to learn.. my lil girl does.. One of the few mediums that I use in stimulating learning activities is Flashcards. I was actually inspired by YBCR which is a bit expensive learning crap lol, SO I made few word and digital photo Flashcards for my lil girl instead which I think works the same. Besides, I don't have to spend alot of money to teach my baby to read. I can do better with my own style and chosen words. But thanks to it, it inspired me.

Aside from my handmade Flashcards, my sissy bought 3 sets of flashcards as her "pasalubong" when she came for vacation, but the lil dolly princess seems to easily get bored with it .

ANyway, you may start reading flashcards to your babies as early as 3 months old. I actually started when she was 6 months.


  1. Those are very good brain stimulants for kids!

    Thank you so much for casting your vote which led to Rylie's Victorious Smile.

  2. oo nga. ang mamahal ng mga baby stuff ngaun. at least you practiced your creativity ;)

  3. Great yellow and other primary colors that babies love!

    My MYM

  4. Amazing all the new learning toys they have now a days.

  5. Ang ganda naman nyan Bams, am sure kinakagat yan ni pretty anzu hehehe..

    Here's my Mellow Yellow entry.

  6. oh my....so cute....korek, we have different strategies on teaching our kids...kung san mo feel or comfortable na turuan si baby....go! hehehhe....Akesha love flashcards...lalo na yung filipino alphabet....

    those are cute mami Bamz....very handy pa! pretty entry btw....:)

  7. Uhmm I am not quiet familiar with it wahhh, we used to buy Faith books and she like it, anyway mine is up, I hope you can visit too

    here. Thanks!

  8. you are right, things are expensive now. not only you save money for what you did for your kids and also they learn in different ways.

  9. Came back for my entry!

    Would you mind looking at my little librarian?

  10. Hmm my son will love that kind of flash card with ring...Happy MYM!

  11. i love these flashcards bams.. very eye catching and colorful! btw, pano ba ung winners sa contest mo? do i wait for them to contact me?

  12. Paganda ng paganda ang mga educational stuffs for kid and oh you did your own digital photo flash cards for her?!!Ang galing!!^_^


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