Let's get Japanese: nagano and apples

Hope it's not yet too late for my pixelbug weekend sharings...

Last week we went out of town together with my mom's Parents In Law whom we call Okasan (literally means mother), and Ojisan (grandfather). They're old but very much healthy (and not mention young at heart lol). So happy and thankful because they invited us to join them on a trip to Nagano, which is a 3 hour drive away from Tokyo. I was worried at first because that would be Anzu's longest drive (without a childseat) but thank God, she endured it without having a fussy phase. We had few stopovers of course.

Anzu's Boyish Look..

during one of our stopovers...

Anyway, Im really really thankful not because it was an all expense paid, but it was a wonderful experience for me and my dolly. We stayed in a Japanese Ryokan where in you experience the elements of Japanese culture and customs: living in a room with Tatami (straw mat) flooring, changing into a typical Yukata (robe) after taking an Onsen hot-spring bath, sleeping on a Futon (bedding) put down directly on the Tatami floor, and etc. It's a traditional Japanese hotel. Our rooms are decorated in Japanese style. Each room is equipped with a hot spring bathroom. It's really quite a great experience especially for foreigners (like me lol)

We also had a full course Japanese dinner and breakfast which was really terrific, the prentation and the food itself.

Our breakfast
havent really took a lot of food photos bec i was shy

And the best of all, me and lil Anzu had our first Apple Picking experience... I never knew that they are lots of kinds.. Havent seen apple trees in my whole life lol and now Ive been to few fields of apples.

Me and my dolly Anzu's first real Apple experience

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Some photos at the hotel...

Honey's only good shot lol (ayaw pa-picture kasi)
at the smoking lobby area

waiting for our room

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I realized that it's also fun being with the oldies. You learn a lot and you become more sensible conversationalist lol.

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  1. hi sis! your little one looks so cute on her boyish look.. and those apples looks so much sweeter than the ones i have in the fridge :D

  2. oh mama mia...buti d nagwala si dolly...hehehe! ganda ng mga pics mami Bamz....love your attire....:)

    boyish look tong si dolly mo...ehhehe...malamig na din pala jan ano? dto dpa masyado....:)

    dalaw din me dito...sensya na busy sa skul kaya ngayon lang nakabalik!

  3. ang galing naman ng experience nyo... back to basic talaga... cool

  4. nice post..ang sarap pitasin ng mansanas na iyan..

  5. Ang ganda naman ng video pati ng kanta!!Tuwang-tuwa ako dun sa nag flying-kiss si Anzu pati na yung oishii-oishii nya eh!!Ngayon ko lang nakitang nag boyish look si Anzu--kawaii pa rin!!Yokatta ne,nakapag Ryokan kayo--sobrang relaxing sa onsen di ba?Iinaaa!!\(^0^)/

    BTW,I have something for you here:

  6. cute baby!
    those are yummy looking apples. tempting!
    anyway, i'm inviting you to join my new meme starting this Wednesday.

    It’s a photo meme called With Love Wednesday.

    Thanks bambie!

  7. I'm sure you did enjoyed the trip.Yan ang kasarapan when you go out for trip.Free-worries on everything from laundry cooking & etc.But then paguwi ng bahay maghanda ka na hehe buti 3 pa lang kayo.
    Ang cute cute ng shots nyo ni Azumi chan during the stops you'd made,Ilove ypur pose wearing your yukata no wonder bakit cute si Azumi chan cute din ang Mommy;D

  8. love the pics :D wow.. you look great.

  9. Love that kind of experience. Azumi's really cute despite the boyish look. Pretty!


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