On her 13th month...

Happy 13 months Angela Azumi

Dear Baby,

You’ve come a real long way since last year, baby girl. I can't believe you're much of a toddler these days . Started walking a day before your birthday, but you just didn’t wanna walk for more than a couple of steps at a time without holding anyone's hand, but after a couple of weeks, you could really walk from the living room towards me in the kitchen... I love you and I always want to be with you but I just can't let you in to my kitchen lol. There are just few dangerous zones over there and I won't risk even a little time of you staying and get hurt after awhile. So there you are, cluttering your dad's fax papers lol But its ok, it always my job to clean your clutters. Just wait til you get 2, coz I will definitely teach you how to clean up your mess heheh..

You are communicating so much too.. YOu talk alot and we just know what you mean (most of the time I guess..) YOu could utter few words clearly since the past month such us "UP, UP" while climbing up the staircase, "PAPA" (you also call me papa lol), "BABA" to every old people you see, sometimes you can say "MAMA" but oftentimes you mean it as your food.... "wang wang" when you see your favorite playmate Maruchan , or whenever you see a dog passing by or even on the tv.

It was just a month which has flowned and yet I have so many many things to share about you and your big developments over the month... 13 months of living with you is much more to talk about...

You’re indeed a great kid — full of life. You always make me proud to be your mom. Your daddy and I are having so much fun teaching you about the world.

Keep on exploring, and we'll always stay behind following you, trying to keep up!



  1. time flies so fast, parang kelan lang anzu is still a baby, ngayon she's entering her toddler years na.

    she's looking more and more like you, such a pretty baby!

  2. Sana mabasa ni Baby Azumi itong sulat mo sa kanya pag malaki na siya. Matutuwa sigurado siya nang husto. Congratulations sa 13 months of blissful existence ni baby Anzu. Siya talaga ang apple of the eyes ninyong magasawa. Marami pang nakatutuwang pangyayari na pagsasamahan ninyong buong pamilya. Marami pang nakakatuwa at cute na mga pictures na kukunan ninyo kay Anzu. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.

  3. Mommy bamz the more you want them out in your kitchen the more the want to stay there hehehe. Well your Baby dolly is a charm, ang good baby, she is not gonna miss with the pans and pot lol.

    Enjoy bonding with her, coz they grow so quick.

  4. happy 13th month azumi! your mama is very prod of you, so you should grow up into a very fine lady.. ^^

  5. Wow, what a cutie! Happy 13 months!

  6. oh my golly gosh gosh...13 month old na si dolly? parang kaka birthday lang nya last week ah...ehhehe!

    she's gotten so big everytime I come here....time goes very fast....:)

    what a cutie....:)

    thanks pala mami dear for giving Akesha your full support ha....you are very much appreciated...:)

    nakikidalaw ako dito to say hello....study muna ako..may quiz bukas...:)

  7. Oh! Happy 13th month, Anzu.:-)

    Naku dear, you're in for a lot more fun, excitement and kung ano-ano pa in the coming months. Di pa ako mommy but I took care of 3 kids, and grabe! 2 of them are already 20 and 13 respectively. But it's always nice and heart-warming to see their progress.

    You have a very precious angel. Wish you all the best!☺

  8. salamat sa inyo greetings.. gusto ko lang ishare ang loveletter ko for Anzu.. every 8th day of the month nagiging emotional at OA kasi ako eh... Im sure mababasa nya ito dahil ibibigay ko mga letters na gawa ko pag naging salbahe sya paglaki lol joke, wag naman sanaT

    Thanks sa inyo =)

  9. Hi Bambie,
    I featured your blog at my How's Your Blog?. Please come over to my site to see it. Hope you will like it. Thank you so much. God bless you all always.

  10. aww so sweet mo mami bamz, anzu is the best dressed baby ever!!! mwah mwah kay baby...

  11. Happy 13th month, pretty!!!!

  12. ow i love writing letters din for my yena.. and that's my sole intention too.. hahaha

    anyways i love it. katuwa that ur doll walk that early.. nakupo and she is growing all the more a beauty ha!! mana tlga sa pinagmanahan :)

  13. Happy 13th Month Dolly Princess Anzu...

    Bambie Dear nakaka touch naman ang message mo kay Baby Anzu...ang sarap basahin ng paulit-ulit grabe! im sure paglaki ni Baby anzu she'll become a sweet & good girl, kase ur so sweet Mom!

    anyway hope u can join me tomorrow on I Luv Pink Meme

  14. cute ng baby mo Mommy, she is really blessed with a Mom like you, a family that really cares...

    By the way, Mommy thank you for being one of the sponsors in Her and History contest. Nanalo ako ng 2nd prize. Salamat ulit. I will be back to give more details.

  15. Happy 13th month Lil Azumi! :)

    Super sweet nitong sinulat mo for Anzu Ate bamz.. Im sure if mababasa nya to and maiintindihan, matutuwa sya talga dito.. :)

  16. Awww!!That's so sweet,Bambie!!Ang bilis nga ng panahon at ang bilis nyang lumaki!!^_^ I just watched her vid doing her peek a boo--it made me smile again.Medyo matagal tagal na rin akong di nakapag smile.Thanks to lil Anzu for making my day a happy one!^_^

    Thanks for the comforting words and e-mails,Bambie. I really appreciate it. Give Anzu chan a hug for me!


  17. happy 13th month Azumi. Your so cute.

  18. sana nga one day makapagtour kami jan sa japan,i wanna go to hello kitty land, inggit nga ako eh, nakita ko ung mga pics nyo nung haloween, super inggit talaga ko LOL...

  19. Hello Bams, you know di mo maiiwasang pumunta si anzu sa kitchen kasi yan ang pinakapaboritong place ng kids.. they love playing with the pots and pans kasi.. Yan ang favorite bonding din namin ni rye kaya interested syang magluto lagi.. the more you expose here there, the more na makakasanayan nya yung kitchen..

  20. wow your daughter is super cute and you are a great mother! congratulations

  21. Wow Mommy ang cute naman ng baby nyo lalo na sinulat mo for her - so sweet!

    By the way, my paypal email is sarah26.aj@gmail.com
    Thanks again ha for the prize. Hehe! It's a blessing talaga through you...
    Blessings to you and your family too.

  22. Happy 13th month Azumi chan!
    Really time passes by so fast!Parang kelan lang ano?I remember my kids when they're small & thin,kaya dapat lang na lahat ng possibilities na pwede mo syang makasama halikan & yakapin gawin mo na Bams,for am telling you,you'll gonna miss all of those :D

  23. happy 13th month azumi! you're so cute!


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