I thought I won't be able to join this week's mommy moments but awhile ago, while I was taking a break from cleaning our messy dining room, the lil girl suddenly took the vaccum and started to clean the floor. Of course she was only pretending but the thing is, she was trying to help lol.

I usually don't let her near me when I vaccum not only because of the flying dusts but also she either gets in my way or she plugs off the vacuum's switch. Only when Im done... I was quite surprise awhile ago coz she could finally carry it longer. Gosh my baby is indeed a little girl now...

Its really amazing when kids immitate adults. It's cute. Just like the past week, she has learned to put some of her toys in the basket. Pero syempre, its so early to tell if she's really cleaning or just immitating what she always see.

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Arvin U. de la Peña said... [Reply to comment]

nice pic..bata palang matulungin na..nag vaccum..

Chris said... [Reply to comment]

true, kids love imitation... :) glad you can join us this week! :D

teJan said... [Reply to comment]

ang cute naman! nakuuuu! hhehe

Mrs. Kolca said... [Reply to comment]

ang bait naman ni anzu.. si askim den matatawa ka kasi she punas ng papel sa mirror at ng basahan sa floor.. hehe!

Paula said... [Reply to comment]

Ang cutie! Mukhang mas malaki pa sa kanya yung vacuum e. LOL!
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shydub said... [Reply to comment]

Ang bait naman ni baby Anzu kahit malaki pa sa kanya ang vacuum. Hehehe nakakatuwa tingnan talaga ang baby ano, lahat ng kakulitan makes us smile and proud.

Lulu Post said... [Reply to comment]

i didn't join this week because i can't find pic of andrea doing some chores. she is good in picking up her toys though. She is scared of the vacuum so I don't think she will be like baby anzu

K said... [Reply to comment]

waaahh!! cuteness! nakaconcentrate talaga sya sa pagvavacuum e. haha!

btw, bambie, did a review on you ;)


hope you can go read :)

Jac said... [Reply to comment]

She is so sweet and cute girl.. It's really amazing when kids imitate us. Btw, I like her picture Bam she is so pretty!!! Mana sa mommy =)
God bless =)

Jaycee said... [Reply to comment]

cute little princess.. nag vavacuum na( ̄▽+ ̄*)
mukhang makaka join ako sas mommy moments na yan kaso hndi naman blogger yng blog ko.. :P pwede ba yun??

thanks sa home add ah! send ako mini letter :)♥
enjoy sa pinas!! kng tuloy nga kayo :) kiwotsuketene!

Seiko said... [Reply to comment]

Ang cute talaga ni Azumi chan kahit mukhang mabigat pa sa kanya ang vacuum.You're absolutely right ang cute tingnan pag nag immitate sila.
Thanks for the visit pala Bams,I'm home!Hugs!

Mom of Four said... [Reply to comment]

Marami pang gagawing milagro ang anak mo Bambie dear, maghintay ka lang, hehehehe... Amazing but scary things that you would be amazed how she does it..

Jaya said... [Reply to comment]

Those are cute photos!

Clarissa said... [Reply to comment]

She's getting bigger everyday!!Mabait na bata,she's really looking on what you're doing at home--paglaki nya she will be more helpful to you!!^_^

K said... [Reply to comment]

ayan start na kami ni peh hanap ng sponsors. kapalan ko na mukha ko. sponsor ka please? hihi..

eto link, basa mo when you have time:


thanks thanks!!

darly said... [Reply to comment]

hahaha, soooo cute.

pwede ko ba borrow si anzu to vacuum din sa bahay namin? hihihi

onlinemommy said... [Reply to comment]

waaahhh... cute ni Azumi! Todo effort ha!

Mel Alarilla said... [Reply to comment]

Azumi will grow up to be an obedient and loving daughter. Mabuti kasi ang training mo sa kanya. Just be careful that she will not grow up spoiled. Most only child usually grow up as spoiled. Huwag naman sana. Maliit pa ay marunong nang tumulong sa mommy niya, lol. Thanks for the homey post. God bless you all always.

nuts said... [Reply to comment]

wow, shes so cute.. na miss ko last week theme..

kikamz said... [Reply to comment]

HAHA!!! ang cute ni anzu with the vacuum cleaner! si sam naman, promdi ang dating kasi walis tambo ang hawak nya. LOL! meron na tayong helpers momi bams.

ღ pinaymama ღ said... [Reply to comment]

she's so cute! Ah that's so sweet! She's trying to make her mommy happy..

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