Baby (upcoming) Talents

Im not sure if you can already recognize your baby's talents as early as 12 months or younger but I think this is the best time to encourage your child to explore without overwhelming her. She doesn't need to try everything right now but introducing her to activities she wouldn't otherwise know existed is just great thing to do.

As for our lil girl, oldies around us are encouraging her to be a budding artist. Granny Baba bought her art materials which are designed for babies. Crayons are not made of harmful chemicals so no need to worry if lil ANzu will suck them (for sure she always does before coloring)

Anzu lining up her colors and playing them afterwards

Some of her artworks lol (sketchpad and walls)

Okasan wants her to be musically inclined.
Mini grand piano as an advance christmas present.

Daddy encouraging her to be a budding golfer

while Mommy lets her baby explore around the house... lol

Once your baby starts cruising, she'll discover things you never knew existed. SO let them explore but ensure their safety at the same time by getting down at their level and see what they might grab when standing, cruising, or exploring. Anzu clutters most of the time but lately she somehow learned to put them back in their respective places.

more talented kids here
mommy moments


  1. I love the mini grand piano :)
    Good to know that she knows how to return her stuff on their place at a very early age :)

  2. ihh.. i really miss azumi. i wanna see her doing all those stuffs!! uwi mo siya dito. gosh!!

  3. wow artist :D

    pag may baby talaga kawawa ang mga dingding e. hee hee. cute ni anzy, as always! *hugs*

  4. wow! ang daming talents ni Dolly Anzu, im sure paglaki nya super talented sha...(magaling mag-alaga c mommy eh)

  5. Wow at magiging super talented ang princess anzu natin ah..

    Im back and trying to catch up..

  6. wow I am sure she would grow up with a lot of things to do, she got more activity when she is just yet one year old, a lot of activity to be driven about soon hehehe mine is up and its at

  7. as you spend time with her, you will find out her talent! :D

    thanks for joining us this week! :D

    by the way, have an award for you!

  8. wow that's nice. As early as now you can already see her future.

  9. Awww.. She looks so precious. What concentration when drawing. Hope she'll be a great musician one day - oh, but education comes first ya! :)

  10. ang cute naman ng iyong future pianist. :)
    Btw, I have a Christmas Tag for you.

  11. Ang galing naman ni Baby Anzu. Napakadami niyang talents, lol. Ang ganda ng mga crayons niya, para ngang laruan lang. Napakaganda rin nung regalong toy grand piano sa kanya. Mukhang budding young artist ang ating bida, lol. At si daddy, gusto nang maging professional golfer ang kanyang baby. Nakakatuwa na surrounded si Baby Anzu nang lahat ng bagay na makakatulong sa kanya to discover things for herself. Napakaganda ng child rearing mo sa anak mo. Lalaki si Anzu na isang well rounded individual. Thanks for sharing her life to us. God bless you all always.

  12. serious ni anzu doing the crayoning and sketching....

    happy weekend to ya'll

  13. Awww ang cutit naman ni baby Anzu. I like her crayon mommy bamz parang walang chance makain niya kasi may hawakan. And she is great coz she write it on the paper not on the wall like my jake. Mas mataas pa sa kanya ang gold stick niya.

    Good job baby Anzu, you just give mommy an extra job to clean. mga bata talaga ano galing magkalat. talent din yan ng jake ko.

  14. ang ganda ng colors ni anzu.. sana meron nyan dito sa pinas.. mostly krayola lang kasi e! hayyy...

    galing nya magstroke ng colors huh.. ^^

  15. What a talented pianist. Ang cute!

  16. Hello. My first time to comment here :)
    Encouragement and patience and sacrificing time..soon, your baby will be on her way to what she wants to be. And you'll be there cheering!

    Love your layout Mommy :) Happy MM!

  17. with all those exposures sis, Im sure she would be a talented kid when she grows up.. cute naman nung coloring materials designed for babies like her.. wala yata ako nakita nyan dito sa Pinas..

    sis, favor naman ,, hope you could vote for my daughter too for December Pinoy Smile Contest at the link below:

    Thanks a lot sis..

  18. wow good job to your baby girl! Hmmm maybe she'll be very talented when she grows up. I love her crayons btw! lol it's the first time I've seen such. It's sooo cute!! Anzu-chan kawaii yo!! ^^~ lol she made a real mess when you let her explore around but ofcourse she had fun!!

  19. Meron ka ng pianista in the near future,Bambie!!Or the next Miyazato Ai kaya?!Excited din ako sa magiging future nya--well,sa panahon na yun,ako uugod-ugod na lol!!\(^0^)/Cutie Anzu!!

  20. Sana matuloy kayo sa pagdalaw sa Pinas pagkatapos mabakunahan si Baby Anzu sa flu. Mas tama ang klima dito kaysa Japan at mas maraming mabibili ang pera ninyo pag dating dito sa Pinas. Mas masaya din ang Christmas dito kasi masaya lahat ng tao maski walang pera. Matutuwa pa ang mga mahal mo sa buhay na alam kong miss na miss na kayo. Siguradong mageenjoy din ang mister mo dito sa kakaiba nating pag celebrate sa Christmas. At si Baby Anzu ay siguradong magiging superstar at apple of the eye nang lahat ng kamaganak at kaibigan ninyo. Ingatan mo lang hindi mapitpit ang pisngi ni Anzu sa kakukurot ng mga manggigigil sa kanya, lol. Thanks sa dalaw mo. God bless you all always.

  21. hahhaha...nakakatuwa yung last pics...whirlwind ah....parang talent ni Akesha when she was Anzu's age....:)

    oh those crayons...super cute naman ng mga daliri...marunong talaga cute!

    dami palang potential talents si dolly mo mami Bamz...thanks for sharing...I enjoyed looking at the photos...:)

    salamat pala sa dalaw at comment...glad to be here again....:)

  22. Wow! Ganda ng header... Haha. Yung isa yung nasave ko for the blog review. Edit ko na lang. Btw, got the $5. Thanks for the confirmation. ^_^


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