First Kimono

I actually didn't know that babies could also wear Kimonos. I was surprised when Okasan told me months ago that she already have a Kimono for Azumi and she would like Anzu to wear it on New Year. I wondered how would a baby wear a Kimono? If you're not familiar with Japanese Kimonos, it is not simple as the Yukatas. People who wants to wear their kimonos usually have someone else help to put them on. It is not that simple again because that person should be either a Kimono Kitsuke (kimono dressing) Teacher or someone has a know-how in kimonos, from obi, ties, undergarments et al.

I got to experience wearing a real Kimono 2 years ago. It was indeed a great experience because not only I felt like a princess when the Kimono Teacher was putting them on to me, but also everybody in my family in Japan especially Okasan was so happy to see me wearing one of her daughter's Kimono which was never worned. She gave this to me as a graduation present ( I wore that Kimono on our graduation ceremony...). ---wish I could share more but we're talking about Azumi's kimono here lol
Anyway, the other day, Azumi was fitting her first Kimono. It wasn't like I imagined. It's easier to put on, no need to be assisted by a teacher. No obis, undergarments, etc. Designed for toddlers.

Here Anzu while fitting her first kimono with Taniai Obachan, our neighbor who lives in front of our house and happens to be our Landlady, and Okasan, the loving mother in law of my mom.

The Little Geisha

I have plans of going home to PI this month (still tentative) but I guess we're definitely celebrating our New Year here. My Parents' In Law has been planning a shogatsu celebration in our house.. Okasan including my neighbors are expecting Azumi wearing her kimono... My mom will be sad if we're not here on Christmas and New year... SO WE are compromised lol ( i miss Philippines' New Year)

It's almost Christmas and soon will be a whole New Year. SO MANY THINGS TO BE THANKFUL FOR. One of these is being surrounded by neighbors who adores Azumi so much. Im so thankful also for Okasan. We're not really related in blood but she treats me like her own granddaughter, Azumi as her own greatgrandchild, and my hubby as like his son. If only my stepfather is still alive, I am so sure Azumi will also be the apple of his eye. It's just so sad sometimes to think that he never saw me and my mom being accepted by his whole family.

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  1. ang cute naman ng ni anzu sa kimono nya sis! para syang hello kitty model :D

  2. Ang ganda talaga ni Mommy Bams. Wow ang cuuute ni Azumi! hindi siya nagtantrums habang sinusuutan ng kimono? :)

  3. you and your baby look good in a kimono sis :)

  4. bagay ah :D

    kiss mo ko kay anzu. ang cute nya! hihi.. :)

  5. go home na.. para makita na ni daddy si anzu.. sabik na yun. and i miss anzu na. haller.!?!??!

    anzu's so cute nman.

  6. maganda ang kimono..bagay sa kanya..

  7. oh my golly gosh cute ni dolly mo dear...ehhehe...buti behave....bagay na bagay sa kanya ang kimono.....hehehhe!

    thanks for sharing the video....nakakatuwang tingnan....:)

    super bait naman ni your kimono outfit...bagay na bagay sau....:)

  8. You look great on your Kimono,Bambie!!Gustong-gusto ko ang kulay nya!Ang ganda rin ng Kimono for toddlers kahit na walang obi and all that.Ang cute in Anzu!!I'm looking forward on your New Year celebration at home.Happy to hear that you are loved by many at your place.Mabait ka rin kasi eh!

  9. waaaaaa......
    so cute....
    wondering i can wear something wonderful like that one day

  10. oh my gosh i love anzu in her kimono... she is a darling!!!!

    of course pahuhuli ba naman ang kagandahan mo mami bams!

    ang ganda nyo ... nsa genes talaga!!!

  11. Mommy Bambie, ang cute ng Little Anzu mo with her Kimona. natawa ako sa video, she just didn;t care na sobrang busy ng matatanda, sa pagbihis sa kanya and yet she was busy with her puppy. ang cute talaga parang doll. Pa kiss nga ako sa babay anzu mo, ang ganda na, ang bait pa.

  12. Ang cute cute naman ni Azumi sa kimono, lol. Para siyang isang Asian fairy, lol. Ang sarap bihisan talaga ang mga batang babae, lahat bagay. Bagay din sa iyo yung kimono mo. Mukha kang talagang hapon. Mabuti naman at nakapag assimilate na kayo ng traditional Japanese culture. Mas madaling makapag adjust sa kanila. Thanks for the very cute post. I really appreciate that you share Azumi's activities to us. God bless you all always.

  13. You're so goergeous & stunning on your kimono Bams.I do so love Azumi chans kimono too,ang cute cuteeee!!!

  14. The Mommy and the Daughter are both adorable in their kimono!

  15. oh my.. she looks so adorable on that kimono!!!

    and who would not adore Azumi? she is so kakagigil.. pakurot nga hehe..

    pangarap ko yan for my little girl, to wear a kimono and a chinese dress.. although I am not japanese or chinese.. wala lang.. ang cute kase hihi.. kawaii.. :)

  16. Oh lalala to the max and kabyutihan nyong magina sa kimono Bams.. Love it!

  17. hi sis! ogenki desu ka? :) omg!!! anzu is so cute in that red kimono!!! hihihihih!!!! i can't stop smiling looking at her! :)

  18. She looks adorable! Tell me, would you happen to know the name of the vest thingy she wears on top of the kimono? I'm a kimono lover and I would love to dress my 1 year old in proper kitsuke.


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