Happy 14 months Angela Azumi

Dear Azumi,

How could I forget? Of course I didn't but I almost forgot it was your 14th month day two days ago. Mommy seem kinda confused with dates lately because she's been thinking alot these past few weeks. Nope, it has nothing to do with me and your dad. Well you know how we have been so happier since you came here.

I'm just thinking about our homecoming to the Philippines. Some things are bothering me and that includes the scary Influenza Outbreak. We're still waiting (in vain) for your scheduled Inlfuenza Vaccine. I really wish we can go home this December even for 2 weeks with worry free. We're trying our best to settle some important things first.

Our family, especially your Lolo are all waiting for our final decision (your dad is pressured..), they just can't wait to see the new princess in the family. Nevertheless, your passport is ready just in case.

Anyways... you just keep on growing up aren't you? Can't believed you're 14 months old already... 14 months of wonderful existence and still counting. We're so blessed. I never thought how much fun and satisfying it would be to be your momma, and I’m glad I’m documenting it all down, from countless photo shots, to blogging my thoughts about being a mom to you. I just think this would gonna be a sort of unconventional baby book for you to look back on someday. You would know how much Mommy has made a lot of good friends here which helped her to become a better person in some ways because of their good blogs that I love to read during idle time and their inspiring messages and support. How can I thank them?

It was quite a year of learning --rolling, sitting, clapping, eating, crawling, communicating, standing, walking, — and a lot more things ahead of us. I can’t wait to see what great adventures are in store for us next year!

Happy 14 months Angela Azumi, and still looking forward for more laughs and woderful memories with you.


Dear Friends,

Thank you so much for your time in reading my baby journal. I keep on saying that your messages inspires me so much because they really are. I have been also visiting your blogs and I must admit, they are more inspirational, and I have learned a lot from most of them.

I'm glad I became a blogger. I never thought that you can really make good friends even online. Thanks to all of you and God bless.


can you please send me your home addresses
til sunday? I have christmas/new year cards for you.
Send it here

Im sharing this to
mommy moments

Love Letter for My Baby

41 kawaii thoughts:

onlinemommy said... [Reply to comment]

You are so diligent mommy. Azumi will surely be thankful to you for this journal.

Clarissa said... [Reply to comment]

Awww...that's very sweet of you,Bambie!A heart warming letter to lil Anzu and your letter for your friends here touches me. I'm so glad I have you as a friend.Hoping to see you in person talaga!^_^

chubskulit said... [Reply to comment]

Kaya pala mala angel si anzu asi angela ang first name nya.. Happy 14 months celebration anzu!

Jade said... [Reply to comment]

Wow this is so touching and sweet. I love being a blogger din and I am gald I met you...di lang me masyado active lately but when I get back I hope to get my mojo back:)

K said... [Reply to comment]

awww.. that's a sweet message for your daughter. someday pag marunong na syang bumasa, or kahit kapag malaki na sya, ipabasa mo ito sa kanya, to show how much you love her and how much she made you and everyone around her happy :)

noticed your new look din pala. cute pa rin shempre :D

Anna Monique ♥ said... [Reply to comment]

Wow! Happy 14 months BabyAzumi. :) Happy trip to Philippines.

Paula said... [Reply to comment]

That is such a sweet letter to your baby. I'm sure she will be happy when she's able to read all of your sweet words. :)

infanthood blog said... [Reply to comment]

hi bambie...

i'm new to blogging...
Your blogs is adorable. i like looking at your baby's pics. She is so cute.

honestly you have such an interesting website.

Thumbs up from me...

azumi fan,

Mrs. Kolca said... [Reply to comment]

Alam mo sis? Napaiyak ako sa post mo. Kakatouch naman at nakarelate den ako. My baby just turned 14 mos. pala. She will be 15 mos. old on Christmas day! It's amazing to see them growing di ba? So happy to be a mum! :D

Nikka said... [Reply to comment]

aww how sweet... sana nga makauwi kayo.. i miss lala.. :(

Chris said... [Reply to comment]

so sweet... she is quite grown up na! :D

happy mommy moments!

Genejosh said... [Reply to comment]

sweet message for Azumi..Happy 14th month! ang bilis mo na cgurong maglakad ano?...good thing your mom blog about you and we came to know you:)

Thanks din included kami readers sa sweet message mo..nainspired naman kami. Thanks ha..can't wait to receive a card from Tokyo with love:)

I've sent my address na pala, school address nalang para sure kasi lilipat na naman kami end of this month...See you around:)

Genejosh said... [Reply to comment]

new look pala site mo..always cute:)

Willa @ SmartMommy said... [Reply to comment]

what a sweet letter to read when Azumi turn 14 yrs old. :D

Marice said... [Reply to comment]

happy monthday to your little angel! glad to bumped on you here too! :)

u may view mine here

Tetcha said... [Reply to comment]

It's really great being a mom seeing your child grow up and being able to perform things one step at a time. It's my first time here, and I hope we can exchange links. Thanks!

Laikka said... [Reply to comment]

Wow! so sweet letter Bambie dear, it gave me watery eyed again!!! huhuhu.. you are right! I also never thought I could have smart and kind friends here online!!!

ingats!!! You have a wonderful family!!

ron said... [Reply to comment]

hi valerie,
happy 14th month to your cute azumi, naka 14 na pala sya ano. good luck sayo at sa kanya na rin sana lumaki sya ng naaayon sa iyong pagpapalaki. ay sorry, ikaw pala si mommy ganda akala ko kasi ikaw si valerie concepcion.. ingat

judys424 said... [Reply to comment]

What a nice letter.. Baby Azumi will appreciate this someday. Have a nice trip coming home..will you spend the holidays here? Don't be too scared, political virus ang matunog ngayon :)

David said... [Reply to comment]

that is so sweet of you mami bams...

i love your pics thanks for sharing. Thank you for dropping by to greet baby andrea...

SASSY MOM said... [Reply to comment]

Happy 14 mos.... Such a cute post.

shydub said... [Reply to comment]

Ahhh what a sweet, loving mommy you are Bambie. Im sure baby Anzu will love your letter and thankful that you are her mom. Take care you guys on your vacay to the Philippines.

Hazel said... [Reply to comment]

Happy 14th month Azumi! Take care you, three in case you decide to spend vacay in Pinas this month. I didn't know there's an influenza outbreak.

P.S. Sis, alam ko ang arigato pero anong ibig sabihin ng 'gozaimasu'? Parang nakita ko yan sa menu ng paborito ko'ng Japanese restaurant. Palibhasa kain lang talaga talent ko, nyahahaha!

anne said... [Reply to comment]

heheheh really girl? wait is philippines included here?

Meikah said... [Reply to comment]

Happy 14th month! :) Enjoy every moment with your baby as they grow fast!

Happy Mommy Moments! :)

Bambie dear ★ said... [Reply to comment]

Thanks everyone, its just the time of the month na ma-drama ako lol

@ chubskulit
sana mala-anghel din sya paglaki lol

@infanthood blog
thanks, nakakakilig naman may fan na si azumi. AKo kaya may fan din kaya? seriously, keep on updating about your lil boy as well..

@ mrs kolca
you're right.. they're a real bundle of joy. one month lang pala age gap nila

@ nikka
basta wait and see

@ genejosh
thanks sis.. wait for my love card hehe

@ tetcha
thanks.. ill visit you

@ ron
funny... di hamak na mas mommy ganda si valerie.. pero kinilig ako dun haha

@ judys424
i hope we can get home.. we still have 4 days to decide.. i also heard na pulitika virus ang outbreak dyan

@ hazel
parang di nga aware dyan about the virus.. anyway, arigatou gozaimasu is like THANK YOU VERY MUCH.. arigatou is thank you lang, mas magalang pag may gozaimasu

Mel Avila Alarilla said... [Reply to comment]

Baby Azumi is really blessed to have a mommy like you who would document her every development in this blog. Someday when she has grown up, she will love and cherish each inspiring word and each wonderful photo you have featured in this blog. And she will love you more for that. Happy Fourteen Months to Baby Anzu. May she have many more pleasant and blessed months and years ahead of her, full of love and devotion from her beautiful mommy and daddy. I pray that you will be able to visit the Philippines to give joy to her lolo and lola. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

chubskulit said... [Reply to comment]

I missed to participate last week but I am back now to share some of my mommy moments.

Great Bonding Moments Mommy!

Rossel said... [Reply to comment]

that's so sweet of you, Bambie and your letter is so wonderful. it is heart-melting. you're a good mom and I hope God bless you with more wonderful kids.

happy MM!

Dhemz said... [Reply to comment]

oh my golly gosh gosh....just like mami Clang's entry....this post melts my heart...so sweet of you mami Bamz.....Anzu is pretty lucky to have you as her doting mom.....am sure when she grow up...she will definitely appreciate this letter....:)

hope you guys can visit the PI....:)

Laikka said... [Reply to comment]

grab ko badge ni baby cute;)

Arvin U. de la Peña said... [Reply to comment]

happy 14th months for azumi..

☼¨`*•.♥Rocío♥.•*¨`☼ said... [Reply to comment]

Lovely pictures!
Many Blessing!

Tetcha said... [Reply to comment]

Done adding this site to my list of Mommy Blogs. Thanks for adding mine in your blog roll, too. Have a great Sunday!

sweetmom said... [Reply to comment]

Happy 14th Months Baby Anzu...sorry for late greetings, sobrang busy kase me this week eh...

Juh Sacchi said... [Reply to comment]

Awww cute!!<3
Happy 14th months azumi-chan!

Ladynred said... [Reply to comment]

What a sweet photo and sweet letter to your baby. I would scrap and print it!

melandria said... [Reply to comment]

thanks for the award. By the way I am also giving you a sunshine award; Your baby is a real darling. Thanks and take care always.

♥peachkins♥ said... [Reply to comment]

awww..Happy 14 months to Azumi! Am I included in the address sending?

Bambie dear ★ said... [Reply to comment]

thanks to all of you!!

dali send nyo na home addy nyo! tinamad ako pumunta ng post office kanina so pwedi nyo pa ihabol til tomorrow! lahat kayo nagbasa dito kasali

yami said... [Reply to comment]

This is a well-written letter Mommy Bams! Baby Anzu will be very proud of you once she has reach the age when she can understand your letter for her. Natouch ako. :)

Mommy Bams pag di ka busy visit ka sa bagong bahay ko. yamtorrecampo.com. thanks ha. :)

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