How was your weekend? Ours was entirely spent in our home sweet home with the apple of our eyes, who else? Azumi of course... We had a lazy and yet a relaxing saturday considering the cold and crazy weather--a sunny morning shifting to a cloudy afternoon --, and then the next day, it was a cold cloudy Sunday. MIL and Maruchan (her lovely toy poodle) came over to have lunch with us.

Anyway, I just wanna share some photos of the Park Garden Cemetery we went last week. Okasan would always ask my hubby to take her in her late daughter's grave which is an hour way from our home.

We've been there many times and Im always amazed how they religiously maintain the beautiful garden. The graves are always clean, they're just like one of the decors in the garden. There's even a coffee shop in the 2nd floor of the building, with a full view of the beautiful park cemtery. Not a typical japanese cemetery which is usually in an elevated location, beside or behind a big temple.

The Lil Girl escorting her great Granny
( i wish she'd also meet her Great Granny in my Dad's side before she goes back to US, makakauwi pa ba kami this month? )

Baby POSE!!!

Nope its not the way to heaven lol but inside the garden cemetery where Okasan's late daughter's grave is...

Ooopsss, baby not there...

Good girl baby...
No wonder you're the apple of our eyes

"YOSH! Im done.."

After visiting and cleaning Nobuko's grave, we headed over to our reservation and had a yummy yummy lunch with our loveones here in Japan --Honey Hide, Mom, brother Joji, Aunt Hisayo (mom's SIL), Yokun (Aunt Hisayo's son), and Okasan (mom's MIL)-.. I didn't took pictures, not only because I was shy but also we're too busy eating and chatting (and me feeding Anzu at the same time).

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Dhemz said... [Reply to comment]

hahhahha.....cute na cute si dolly Anzu...my gosh.....pinky pink!

para syang d cemetery...very well maintained kasi.....

my gosh...super handful na talaga si Anzu mami Bamz ano? she's like all over the place na.....:)

woi, tuloy ba yung uwi nyo sa pinas this month?

salamat pala sa dalaw...our weekend went alright...:)

teJan said... [Reply to comment]

ayyy!!! thanks for sharing these pictures mommy.. it really makes my day smiling! ang cutie talaga ni baby woi!!!mmmwaah! kusi ko bi;)

chubskulit said... [Reply to comment]

Aha, super busy ang little cutie natin dyan ah mukhang enjoy na enjoy sa garden stroll nya...

Genejosh said... [Reply to comment]

sis ganda naman ng cemetery nyo jan parang leisure park..galing naman ni Azumi nagwalis pa..he..he..bilis na nyang lumakad ano and siguro very talkative na sya:) ano gamit mo sis in talking to her most of the time..English or Japanese?

Pwede na talaga si Azumi magiging baby model..tingnan mo nga yong pose nya..Why not let her join sa cute kid search sis here: http://www.thecutekid.com/cutekid-login.php

Mine's here pala: http://genefaith.blogspot.com/2009/12/pixel-bug-weekend-lantern-festival-at.html

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Me said... [Reply to comment]

wala pa nako nabasa imo post pero in the picture looks really great cementery...brb tomm cu and take care

judys424 said... [Reply to comment]

What a nice park! Those open spaces within the city are becoming rarer. Good you have a place to go to when you need feel the open air. :)

Jaycee said... [Reply to comment]

hi bambiechan. ganda ng cemetery! ganda ng pagkaayos nila. sipag din ni azumi maglinis. sayang walang pics nung yummy lunch nyo :o

off topic (sorry sis)
thank you pala talaga sa flickr Pro account ah! nakakahiya naman sayu... babawi tlga ako(^3^)~ and baka delete ko na yung old pics ko (ksi nandun yng mga pics ng exosesoses ko) haha.. start ako sa umpisa magupload pag nanjan na si akachan ko. natawa rin ako sa buko juice na sinabi mo. cguro naman walang bata nakaintindi nun.. :P

Lulu said... [Reply to comment]

i love anzu in her pink hat ang cute nya... naku mami bams child labor ang ginagawa mo kay baby anzu ...hehehe joking

Mel Avila Alarilla said... [Reply to comment]

Napakaganda at malinis ang Japanese cemetery na yun. Talagang isang parke. As usual, our super baby Azumi is the star of the show. She can already do so many antics that her fans have grown so much already, lol. I also hope you can bring her to your relatives in the Philippines. Makilala naman niya ang mga kamaganak niya sa Pinas at maging pamilyar din siya sa Pilipino customs and traditions. Pag laki niya ay hindi siya maging purong Hapon kundi half Japanese at half Filipina. Mukhang napakasarap din ng kinain ninyo, pati si Baby Anzu kumain din, lol. Thanks for the homey post. God bless you all always.

Clarissa said... [Reply to comment]

Ibang-iba nga ang cemetery dyan compare sa cemetery sa bukid.Dun is yung Japanese style pa rin--puro bato lol!

Mabilis na bang lumakad si lil Anzu?Magmula nung nag start cyang maglakad,parang bigla cyang lumaki!^_^Cutie in pink!!\(^0^)/

shydub said... [Reply to comment]

Mommy bamz galing mo talaga magbihis sa lil dolly mo, cute na cute sa outfit nya, tinalo si jolina magdangal sa sa skirt niya hehehe.

Japanese are really good in taking care of their cemetery, its very clean.thanks for sharing.

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