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This is my first entry for Mommy Moments. The theme for this week is "First Smile of Your Baby". Just like the other hot mommies online who happened to know about this sharing-thing, I'm excited to post my lil pretty and yummy girl Azumi's first smile photo .

When I was browsing her first month pictures, I can't believe how fast the time is, and how big she has become. From 3,080 grams to 7 kilos in less than 4 months .

I got teary eyed when I was looking at her photos of her first month. She was just so tiny then. She used to sleep on my thin pillow but now, she's not comfortable anymore coz she's big. I miss her lil tiny voice...

Oh well... Back to the theme, newborn babies tend to smile alot especially when they are sleeping. Anzu smiles alot even when she was a day old. My camera was always besides me, waiting for her to smile. This pic is one of my favorites.

She was 7 days old.

This is just one of the many pics of our lovey-lovey bonding time with her

and this is the ever first real smile I captured when she was 1 month & 7 days (11/15)

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Can I post more?

when she turned 3 months (01/08/09)

Mata ne... Oyasumi


Weeee.. I captured my baby laughing outloud last night.. Her Daddy was changing her diaper coz she poopooed, so I said "baho!..." (smells bad..) then began to laugh. I was also chatting my sissy, Nikka that's why I said "nikka baho.."

I just love her laughing like that.. my heart also screams

1 / 27 / 2009


Oh its been a week since the last time I updated. There are just so many things I would like to share about our lil girl.. She's just so adorable and we are enjoying her more now that she could interact with us already. You know, she could response back with that gummy grinny smile

So much things to share but let me show you first some clips that I took when she was 3 months and 1 week.

Jan 10 to Jan 15 clips

Basically, our baby is growing .

  • She could raise her neck longer than before...

  • She can wave both her hands and feet...

  • She could make noises...

  • She tries to reach for something...

  • Its overwhelming when you see your child doing some new things...

    It's been a wonderful 3 months and 3 weeks with our baby now.

    Her smile is always been a good thing to start a wonderful day .

    Oh geez, I can't wait to see her crawl.

    Also please look at her pictures multiply Here.


    My loves... Honey & Baby ANzu. Sorry about my honey wearing mask. He's not feeling well, and afraid he might carry a virus to our lil girl. You know, it's winter here in Japan, so we have to be careful. A virus could be flying anywhere because it's cold. Well anyway, let's talk about Anzu being 3 months and a week.

    Just when she was about going to 3 months, she could raise her feet like this..

    She really enjoys waving her hands while pumping feet during active hours
    Her kicks are getting stronger. Her hands are trying to reach for something, but she still can't. ALthough she can now hold her toy for secs. SHe loves it when I put her toy near her and tries to reach for it... and when she's holding something, she puts it right away to her mouth She also loves sucking her fingers.

    Baby we love so much. You never failed to make us smile whenever we see or even just think about you.


    happy 100th day Anzu

    Azumi has just turned 100 days yesterday, January 16. In Japan, a baby celebrates a ceremony called Okuizume which literally means first meal of one's life. It is from the old belief that when a baby has been given a food during her 100th day, 110th day, or 120th day after birth, will not be having a shortage of food all throughout his/her life. A tradition that symbolizes the first formal meal of the baby. Of course, a baby cannot actually eat a meal yet, but let her pretend eating the first time, wishing her not to suffer from lack of food throughout her life.

    Usually, the meal is prepared consists of a Miso soup, a whole fish, red bean rice, and a smooth white rock symbolizing healthy teeth. Parents or whoever, put the foods to the baby's mouth and moisten her lips with the soup.

    Unfortunately, we did something different. Anzu's grannies were supposed to come over to our house and do the ritual, but her grandmom wasn't feeling because of colds, so we just did it the 3 of us. We can formally do it naman on her 110th or 120th.

    Taken yesterday Jan 16


    OH MY... it's been 3 months already,?... my baby is growing. She already weighs about 6 kilos =( Im happy but lil sad... I'll surely gonna miss her baby days. Before we know it, she's going to school already huhuh.. lol

    Well of course I'm happy. I've seen her grow up this whole 3 months. We're together 24/7 (although sometimes I go out for shopping ). I see the changes that sometimes amaze us. I'm the one who see almost All her "first"...

    It's easier to take care of her now than the previous months. That's because we're already adjusted as parents perhaps. She can able lift up her neck even for short time which is why Im no longer having difficulties on burping her.. SHe burps like a man hehe, so loud. She can even raise up her head while lying on her stomach. She's so kawaii

    She sleeps longer than when she was 2 months =) Straight 7-8 hours. ALthough sometimes wakes up for a lil feeding, I give her 50ml milk or breastfeed,then falls back to sleep right away.

    And when she wakes up, you'll surely see her gummy grinny biggy smile =) That's why my camera is always besides me. I just love capturing her first smile in the morning. She gives positive energy to our house especially to her Dad. A very good thing to start a day. She's really our bundle of Joy

    She smiles alot especially when you eye contact with her, or just simply talk while looking at her.. Just lately, she can LOL, as in laugh outloud. Sign of being a cheerful baby. I think this month our house will be filled with laughters. She's beginning to respond with a loud voice like "oku---"---"yaaaaaaaaaaa"- then laugh. Seeing her like that takes our breath away. I tend to forget all my problems...

    Another, she bagan to suck her fingers occassionally.

    Im so happy although sometimes I feel so sad because my loveones in the Philippines especially my Dad who really wanted to see his first grand child, cannot see her progressions =( That's why all I do is capturing her every time. As you can see, I do movies, I take a looots of pictures... looks like an obsession, but it's just my only medium to show her to our loveones around the world especially in the Philippines.

    She loves being shot by a camera. I just say "smile babyyyyyyyyy" then gives a big smile.

    She's really my baby, the little Bambita. (coz there's already Bambie Jr..

    . hehe...)


    Our baby is not feeling well :(
    She has colds and cough since yesterday. I'm so worried and I pity her everytime she coughs. BUt Anzu is strong, she still can smile and laugh, as if she's ok. The only thing she gets annoyed is whenever I vacuum her nose. Im glad there's a such thing as Nose Vacuum here, it really helps her breath normally.

    Awhile ago, we went to a Pediatrician Clinic. It was her first time and I'm glad she was cooperative. She didn't cry.

    I'll be more careful now, especially during winter.

    Ganun pala feeling being a MOm, konting sakit lang, di na mapakali.. I tend to forget she's sick whenever she smiles, pero back to being worried naman when she coughs.

    It's always better to bring your baby to a Pediatrician immediately before something becomes worse.


    Before, I can not imagine life with a baby. I had so much dreams for myself.
    BUT now I can not imagine my life without our baby Azumi. She is a big blessing to us.

    I'm sure there are so many good things stored for you this year