I thought I won't be able to join this week's mommy moments but awhile ago, while I was taking a break from cleaning our messy dining room, the lil girl suddenly took the vaccum and started to clean the floor. Of course she was only pretending but the thing is, she was trying to help lol.

I usually don't let her near me when I vaccum not only because of the flying dusts but also she either gets in my way or she plugs off the vacuum's switch. Only when Im done... I was quite surprise awhile ago coz she could finally carry it longer. Gosh my baby is indeed a little girl now...

Its really amazing when kids immitate adults. It's cute. Just like the past week, she has learned to put some of her toys in the basket. Pero syempre, its so early to tell if she's really cleaning or just immitating what she always see.

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Our weekends were almost spent in our home sweet home cc869001f32655d6f9ac819704e30cf5.gif image by labambita. It's almost winter in here (is it already?)27eece181ea1cd07b9e749fab259a874.gif image by labambita The days and the nights have been even colder because of the cloudy (and almost rainy) weather . Just a good reason to stay at home and relax9e8356c56c6d8692ca844e590d65f8b9.gif image by labambita. After all, it was a tiring week last week, so we thought that it's ok to be lazy over the weekend lol.

We did nothing but eat, watch dvds, play with our lil Azumi, and sleep. Sarap ng buhay.. if only we could always be like that, lazy bummers 53cb7bccf5ab4ef8c4b33c88e1d1f83e.gif image by labambita

Anyhow, how's little Anzu?... (showing some photos of my favorite baby in the world..)

Look at our lil dolly, she's really becoming more of a little girl each day...

...with her high-pitch squeals, amusing laugh... the way she plays her toys, sometimes she puts them all in a basket by all herself..

We havent been going out for days to our usual walk due to the crazy weather and its really cold.

SO she settles nearby the window to say Hi to our friendly neighbors.. She really says Hi and waves her hands to someone passing by..

The scary and yet one of the things that excites her since 11 months old is climbing upstairs. We really have to be more extra attentive coz one second, she already climbed a few steps up the stairs. She already figured out how to open the sliding door in the living room to get her way to the stairs.

well I guess ito na yung umpisa ng sinasabi nila na papayat nako sa kakulitan at habulan.

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