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What's up dearies? What can you say about this blog's new look? Well I'll definitely gonna rave about it on my next post.

Now, let's talk about movies and my little girl.

Since she's barely a toddler, we haven't taken her yet to the big screen. Although I heard that there are also special mommy-baby show times at some movie theaters. I don't have plan to try it lol.. I'd rather watch alone and enjoy.

She loves television. Actually, it’s not just T.V. that she loves. Anything that is flickering. It may be computer or phones.

It has become a routine to let her watch several videos a day. She's watching the same videos everyday. Aside from the educational programs she can watch on the local tv, she has a set of Dora, Barneys, Baby Einstein, Baby Bumblebee, Barbie,and Strawberry Shortcake.

It’s not that I intentionally subject her to hours of media but lately, she would hand me the next dvd she wanna watch.. I think it's my fault that she's becoming a media addict..

I should have thought she would have turned out this way because I let her watch for me to do my own thing like chores and internet!

I'm gonna keep my eye on this lil girl from now on... I don't want her to be like me, who was into drama series, in the future

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  1. They really start young. Even my daughter started young on computers and tv. And the kids I know now who are your child's age are so media savvy. At 2 or 3 years old, they already know how to insert and play DVDs on laptops/PCs. Isn't Baby Einstein recalled? I thought I read it somewhere. Anyway, Happy Mommy Moments! :)

  2. first of all, i LOVE your new look!!! :D great job K!

    as for your lil one being addicted to watching and watching... it is really up to us moms... i was also guilty of this too. it takes a lot of discipline on our parts talaga.

    happy weekend!

    p.s. are you coming to pinas soon?

  3. Well,ganyan talaga minsan lalo na pag busy sa household chores at internet.Wag nga lang long hours..

    Gosh,ang laki nya na talaga--nawala lang ako ng ilang weeks parang ang laki nya ng tingnan nung pinanood ko ang vid nya sa gilid^_^

  4. And oh,I SOO LOVE YOUR NEW LAYOUT!!Kawaii!!Bagay sa baby blog mo!Thumbs up to K!!

  5. It's normal for kids nowadays to be involved in video and other electronics appliances. It's part of the great information technology boom. It's part of the educational process of children today. To deprive them of that will make them lag behind other kids in development. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  6. parehas ng baby ko... tv addict!

    ang cute cute ni anzu!

  7. awww i like the new look of your blog bambie japanese na japanese and i especially like this commenting section. Kudos sa gumawa nito. Magkano pagawa mo? sabay ganun lol

    si Freya din nanunuod ng mga movies sa TV at kung ano anong pang shows sa local TV pero madalas pang bata lang talaga kasi madalas hindi ko na napapanood yung mga TV series na inaabangan ko. Ayaw kong panourin din nila yun eh. may tv naman sila sa kwarto pero ayun kasi sanay silang andyan ako sa tabi nila kaya kung asan ako andun din sila. Pinaka fave ni freya talaga si dora lol. tas may bago sya ngayon si Caiou hehee.

    Anyways, bam pasensya ka na kung hindi ako nakakadalaw na sa blog mo. Actually lahat ng ka blog ko hindi ko na nadadalaw. Im so busy right now and kinda problematic XD. I think i'll be a single mom soon. aw im such a nega person sometime. O sya babush. Kisses to your cutie lil one. Take care.

  8. akala ko jdorama na pinapanood eh. joke joke! hihi. funky new layout, cuteness!

  9. Dora is really a big hit to kids especially girls. By the way, very CUTE blog! did you design it yourself? well, whoever did must be really good..

  10. Movie buffrin pala to mana sa mommy. Si jake isa lng ang DVD nya HI5 hehe pero dami nyang CD. Hindi namin binibigay sa kanya kasi sinisira lahat kasi sakanya daw.

    Na inspire talaga ang inahin sa new look ng blog nya, dami kong na miss na updates dito hehe


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